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Jessica's Summer Wedding At The Tirrell Room

Hey beauties! Happy #weddingwednesday! Today, let's take a look at Jessica's summertime wedding at The Tirrell Room in Quincy, MA!

Bride Jessica looking in the mirror smiling.
Beautiful bride Jessica!

Beauties, it's actually a really funny story! So Jessica actually went to high school with me! BLA Class of 2010 up in here! We've been connected ever since, but haven't chatted or seen each other since graduating high school. However, little did I know, she was watching my posts on Facebook! She saw one of my posts in late May, about 5 weeks before her wedding. She was scrambling to finish planning her July wedding day, when she contacted me. I of course was available! Such an honor to be part of a former classmate's wedding day!!

Before we knew it, we were a week away from her wedding day. Time flew by for sure! While I've known Jessica for some time, I was surprised by the fact that she never booked makeup preview. She just put all of her trust into me. That meant so much!! Thank you, Jessica for trusting me to create a classic, natural makeup style on your wedding day that just totally suited you!! What a stunner!

Bride Jessica is sitting in the makeup chair while looking up so Carla can apply lipstick.
Getting the bride ready!

I arrived at the Tirrell Room about 15 minutes earlier than my scheduled time. This was my first time ever working at this venue. The coordinator, Jenny, welcomed me in and showed me where to setup. Beauties, some venues have designated spaces like this where you can relax and get ready. In my professional opinion, you should use the space, because your wedding will take place here anyway. Make your life easier by doing everything in one spot. You'll thank yourself on your wedding day!!

While I was setting up, the beautiful bride-to-be, her mother, and sister all arrived carrying lots of items for the wedding day. Including Jessica's stunning dress! Jessica, her bridal party, and her family all worked together to make their own centerpieces, as well as props for the DIY photobooth! Isn't that so fun?! They even came the night before the wedding to setup in the ballroom. It looked gorgeous!! Great job by all!

Jessica and her bridesmaid sitting on a bench smiling before the wedding.
Gorgeous group!

Myself and Jessica's hair stylist, Beth, coordinated a schedule before the wedding, and it flowed easily! That's always my goal when I create your schedule, to keep every flowing smoothly! You deserve to relax on your wedding day.

Jessica also had a tattoo that she wanted covered, so I got to work covering it before she put on her dress. We finished with 10 minutes to spare! It wasn't a large tattoo, so all I had to do was a little color correction, then layer with makeup and set well, so it wouldn't budge. While this may be a little bit of a technical description, the overall goal is simple: cover Jessica's tattoo so it doesn't show in photos, or smudge on her dress! Easy peasy!

Before I knew it, I was packing up! Phew, that was a quick one!

Jessica's photos turned out absolutely stunning, check them out below!

Newlyweds Jessica and Michael smiling on their wedding day.
Congratulations to the newlyweds!

The newlyweds and their family members smiling for photos.
Beautiful group here!

The newlyweds are making an entrance to their wedding reception while holding hands up in the air.
Congratulations! Now let's get the party started!

Oh, and how could I forget?! Jessica wrote a glowing review! Here's what she said:

"Ok, let me start by saying I know nothing about anything about makeup.

I hired Carla to do the makeup for myself and bridesmaids. I am so glad I went with my gut. All of us were just in awe of her talent. I felt like Zoolander in the bridal suite-- straight up couldn't take my eyes off myself. I mean seriously. I just couldn't stop making that zoolander face in front of the mirror. I also asked that she cover up a small tattoo on my shoulder that I didn't want shown at the ceremony, and she was able to do that within less than 10 minutes, and I had some time to spare before getting into the dress.

Carla is so professional and talented at what she does, I am so so glad she came to do all of our makeup for the wedding. We looked fabulous. I just let her take the control over what she was doing, she saw my dress, told me her ideas, and I just went with them. She was encouraging the whole way through, educational, and super funny and thoughtful, HIGHLY recommend!"

Oh my gosh, Jessica!!! Thank you so much for this glowing review, my friend! It means a lot! Thank you so so much for letting me be a part of your special day.

If you are ready to shine your brightest, book the best, Creative Contour By Carla! Head on over to my Wedding Makeup page to send me an inquiry today!

Lots of love and lipstick,


****All photos courtesy of Keleigh Michelle Photography.****


Venue: The Tirrell Room, Quincy, MA

Photos: Keleigh Michelle Photography

Hair: Hair By Beth

Makeup: Creative Contour By Carla



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