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Lifestyle And Your Makeup Routine

Hey beauties! Happy #makeupmonday! Today, I am discussing lifestyle and your makeup routine! I know a lot of you come to me during makeup lessons, and you need a makeup routine that fits your unique lifestyle! So today, I am here to go over a couple things that will hopefully help you in deciphering what aspects of your lifestyle will work with your makeup routine, and vice versa!

I know this sounds like a topic that everyone should already be able to handle, but when you really reflect on it, you find that there is so much to consider! So let's get into some of those factors.

makeup products swatched on a stainless steel makeup palette


Ah yes, the biggest, heaviest aspect, our friend father time. There never seems to be quite enough of it, does there? Well, for some that is probably true. However, if you want a solid makeup routine, time is your number one aspect to consider. How much time can you allot daily to your makeup routine? Will you even be wearing makeup daily? Do you want to? Or is makeup reserved for special occasions? How much time can you allow for your special event makeup routine?

From a professional makeup artist's point of view:

Of course, I want all of my beauties to regularly wear makeup and enjoy it as much as I do! However, I understand that each person has different needs, experience levels, and the like. So now to my thoughts. I believe that if you have the time daily for a simple makeup routine, do it! I regularly teach my customers how to find and apply their Easy AF Makeup Look for daily wear. That is a style that is meant to be easily achieved and looks good every time. It's something that I as a makeup artist believe is the best for those who want to wear makeup daily! I believe that you should save the super glamorous makeup for special days where you have more time to get ready. It's always worth it that way! Give yourself the best of both worlds.

makeup artist applying lipstick on the bride

Skill Level

Skill level, which goes hand-in-hand with time, is the next big factor! We've already discussed how busy you are, if you are trying makeup techniques that are too advanced for you, guess what: you are going to struggle and not love makeup! And as a makeup artist, I can't allow that for you! So be aware of your skill level. It doesn't matter what that level is. And of course, if you want to improve your skill level, booking your makeup lesson experience with me doesn't hurt either! [:

The Look

Oooooooh, beauties! This is gold right here! Think about your lifestyle; it also includes how you look! And also, how you want to look, which may be different than the earlier. Taking a few days to research makeup styles that compliment your personal style and lifestyle routine really are things that you need to do. Think about it like this: if you're a glamour girl 24/7/365, then guess what your makeup look is going to be: glamour! If you like a soft, polished style all the time, then you know what look you are going to have!

makeup artist setup

So beauties, a combination of these three important factors really affects your makeup routine. Especially when you are introducing a makeup routine into your life. It's always okay to start over or change things, but sometimes implementing is the hardest part. But no worries there, because I have your back, as always! I want you to succeed every time you wear makeup, so let me help you find what a successful makeup routine looks like!

It all starts with a phone call! So book your complimentary phone consultation today!

Lots of love, lipstick, and easy af makeup routines,




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