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Lighting And How It Affects Your Makeup!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hey beauties! Let's talk about light and how it affects your makeup! Different styles of lighting have an effect on your makeup. This happens because artificial lighting comes in different forms. There are true white light, fluorescent, yellow light, just to name a few.

First up: Artificial Lighting

Makeup Artist lighting

  1. Ring lights

Lighting from a ring light is meant to flatter and soften your makeup look. When you use a ring light, you can adjust the brightness and the temperature of the lighting. Ring lights are fantastic when it comes to taking photos because you can adjust the light to get your desired photo. That's why when you take a selfie in front of a ring light, you always love it!

Makeup artists often use ring lights because of the flattering photos we can take of our work-- regardless of whether the photo is taken from our phone or a camera.

Here is a selfie taken in front of my ring light:

This selfie was taken on my phone's camera. I stood right in front of the light and positioned the phone camera at about a 45-degree angle above my face. This is an angle that I find is flattering for my face shape. You can also see that the lighting makes my makeup look appear softer, and my skin's texture isn't as visible.

All artificial lighting isn't the same. Unfortunately these next 2 types of artificial light are not very flattering.

2. Fluorescent lighting

You'll often find that when you snap a selfie in fluorescent lighting, you may find that your complexion may have a bit of a blue or greenish tint. You may also see shadows on your face, depending on your bone structure.

3. Yellow lighting

With yellow lighting, you'll find that your skin will have a yellowish tint. You may also look a bit more tired. You may also see shadows on your face (depending on bone structure, again), but the shadows may appear to have a brownish hue.

What happens when you do your makeup in these types of lighting, then step outside? You may not see a proper complexion match, or maybe one of the eye colors you selected may appear quite harsh.

Natural Light

Natural light is the best lighting to do your makeup in (whether you are doing it yourself or having it professionally done)! Even if it is cloudy out, you'll have a more accurate complexion match, and you'll be able to select more flattering eye colors.

Here you can see my selfie is taken in natural light. I literally turned around, shut off my ring light, and opened my front door! You can see my true skintone and undertone. You can also see my makeup and skin exactly how they look.

So what do you do now?

I recommend using natural light when you do your own makeup or have it done. Of course, I know that sometimes this isn't always possible. Make sure to use good lighting (like a ring light or The Makeup Light) when you don't have access to natural light while doing your makeup.

Speaking of applying your makeup! Once you have lighting nailed down, I am here to help you learn how to apply your makeup! Book your makeup class today!

Later! <3 Carla


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