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Lip Liner: Should You Try It In Your Wedding Day Makeup Look?

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hey beauties! Happy #weddingwednesday! This is probably something you have been thinking about! Should you try lip liner in your wedding day makeup look? If you ask my professional opinion, I'd say yes! I think lip liner is a great product that helps your color adhere strongly to your lips.

Lip liner pencil application
PC: Whiting Photography

So here's the down-low on lip liner.

There are two types of lip liner: creme and matte

Matte Lip Liner always comes in pencil form. It can be somewhat drying, but it has long-lasting color. Matte lip liner is great because the color payoff is strong and can be layered under any type of lip color.

Boston Wedding Makeup
These are my Matte Lip Pencils in my professional makeup kit.

Creme Lip Liner comes in either pencil form or pen form. The pencil form can be sharpened, but the pen form cannot. Both forms are comfortable to wear. Creme lip liner can be layered under any lip product, but does not insure long-lasting color. I don't recommend layering this liner under any lip product. I recommend layering this style of lip liner under creme or sheer lip products, and lip gloss! Layering these items creates a flirty lip makeup look!

Here are my thoughts:

Beauties, now that you know the down-low, would you try lip liner on your wedding day? If you are looking for lip makeup that is smooch-proof, matte lip liner is the way to go!

I tested out lip liner for you, and here are my results!

I recommend layering a matte lip liner under a matte lipstick or matte liquid lipstick for a long-lasting smooch-proof lip! However, I know that's not always the most comfortable to wear. You can also pair a matte lip liner under a creme lipstick. This combination is a classic! You get the benefit of a strong color payoff, and the comfort of the creme lipstick. You may have to touch up your lipstick after you smooch your honey. (Don't worry about that-- just ask me how I can help at your bridal makeup trial!) It's also adds to the romantic vibe of the rest of your makeup look!

matte lip liner layered with creme lipstick
Matte lip liner layered with creme lipstick for long-lasting color that is comfortable to wear.

I just wanted to briefly also discuss that lip liner is a magical product! You can use it to create a long-lasting lip, but you can also use it to shape your lips! If you like the idea of a fuller-looking lip, or the idea of shaping your lips, lip liner is definitely the way to go! (Oh the wonders of makeup!) I have secret tricks to use lip liner to achieve a fuller-looking lip or to shape your lips! These are seductive options to try out for your wedding day! Your honey will want to smooch you all wedding day long!

lip contour makeup
A lip contour shapes your lips to make them seductively smoochable!

Alrighty then, beauties! So now you have an idea about lip liner! I encourage you to try it out at our bridal makeup trial and see if you like it!

Edited to add: The original blog post was written before the Covid-19 Pandemic. While lip liner is a great option for your wedding day, lip pencils and crayons are not the most hygienic option for professional makeup artists at this time. If you are interested in using a lip liner for your wedding day, please feel free to schedule your Personal Makeup Shopping Experience today! During your Personal Shopping Appointment, I will help you select the best color!

Later! <3 Carla


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