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Makeup For Mature Skin: Featuring My Mom!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hey beauties! Today let's talk makeup on those of you who are over 40 and want to look great wearing makeup. And who better to showcase than my beautiful mom! Don't we look so much alike?!

So first of all beauties, I know that it can be quite difficult for those of you who are over 40 to find a makeup artist who can makeup you look good. You do endless searches. You look through every Instagram page and Youtube Channel you can find. A lot of artists are out there posting every Youtube and Instaglam clown face imaginable! And then on top of that, every model is young with poreless skin. Or maybe, everything has a heavy filter, so you cannot tell what is and isn't real. Then, when you are looking to get your makeup done, you feel discouraged, or even hopeless. You think no one will listen to you because their style is heavily contoured and drag queen-esque. You don't see anyone who resembles you even a little.

Then, you decide: I'll just do my own makeup, I'll like it better. So you try a practice run of the look you want, and maybe you don't necessarily achieve your perfect look right away. And then you feel stuck because now you can't find a makeup artist who applies looks you love, and you are stuck trying to perfect your ideal look. So what's a lady to do, anyway?

Well my frustrated friends, search no more! I am here to show you my lovely mother and her beautiful makeup look!

Beauties, I know that it can be quite difficult to find someone who can make you look good. At this time period, everyone is just trying to copy influencers and mimic IG and Youtube clownface to get likes and followers. They are not looking to cater to the everyday woman. But fear no more: because you have stumbled across Creative Contour By Carla, and I want to help you look and feel your best! I have experience working on all skin tones, types, and ages! Know that when you sit in my chair, you will be taken care of. No Instaclown makeup here!

I am here to help!

I also want to make sure that you understand that I can also help you learn how to apply your makeup perfectly each time. We will collaborate to find the perfect makeup look for you, beauties! I want you to look good every time you apply your makeup. I want you to love your makeup looks and enjoy putting on makeup every time! Makeup should never feel like a chore. And you should never hate the result of your makeup looks.

I will help you go over everything. I will address any concerns you have, and show you easy techniques to apply your makeup just right each time. As an experienced professional, I understand that there are certain techniques that the mature woman should avoid, and what to do instead. After all, you want to look good every time!

Take another look at the beautiful makeup on my mom!

Doesn't she look just stunning?! I can help you look good too! When you are ready, sit on down in my makeup chair, and let's get you looking great! And of course, when you want to apply your makeup yourself, I will be right by your side during your makeup class!

Not sure which option works best right now? No worries. Let's chat on the phone to help you decide which option suits you best right now. Schedule your FREE 15-minute phone call today!

Lots of love and lipstick,



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