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Makeup in 2021 & Beyond: What To Expect

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Makeup setup
PC: Allie Dowd

Hi beauties! I know this title may sound futuristic and scientific, but it's an important topic and you need to know this information. If we have learned anything in 2020, it's that pandemics are very real and capable of spreading quickly throughout the entire world. No one is invincible against getting sick.

So what is the point of this blog? To discuss important steps that all makeup artists should have been taking since the start of this pandemic (and to be honest, before we even knew about it). Also to give you an idea of how our new normal may become permanent.

Some of you may feel that this blog might sound exaggerated out of proportion, but this is a topic that I've had to consider this entire year! So, I decided to do the research. I took most of this year to gather information and really observe trends and what occurred during the pandemic. Remember that the pandemic affected (and still affects) a lot of people; whether they got sick, lost a job, or in general had to adapt to the entire situation.


Not sure what AI is? AI stands for artificial intelligence. That's right beauties, the makeup world is evolving! The folks at L'Oreal dived in to create an AI-powered system that fully customizes your makeup and skincare routine based on a few elements: 1. skin analysis, 2. environment, 3. product preference, 4. customized formulation and dispensing. This is crazy cool and I am so excited to try it when it launches this year!

There are other gadgets launching in 2021 that will feature all sorts of really cool technology, too!

Welcome to the future, beauties!


Virtual makeup services are here! And they are here to stay! You'll see that a lot of makeup companies, including NARS and Charlotte Tillbury, have gone virtual! By either creating entire apps to virtually try-on your makeup products, or have virtual assistants help you find the best products.

And guess what... I have, too!

That's right! I have fully pivoted to offer as many virtual makeup services as possible! I will continue to offer this option indefinitely. The options you can select from are Personal Makeup Shopping and Online Makeup Classes. You can opt for each service (or both!). Remember that I am here to help. I want you to look great every time. So let's talk a little more about my virtual services...

Personal Makeup Shopping

Beauties, I know that a lot of you still need to look good; whether it's for all of those zoom meetings for work, or maybe even a presentation. You want to look your best and feel comfortable in your makeup look. In order to do that, you need great products!

Worry no more about what to purchase, I have you covered. Answer a few questions, and I'll find you the best makeup products for you. No need to worry about pushy sales associates at a makeup counter; or trying out cheap-quality makeup products from Instagram. You'll have a professional at your finger tips. I'll be honest with you from the start: I'll refer you to products that I feel you'll like. I want you to be honest with me as well. If you aren't feeling something I recommend, we will move on!

It's like shopping with your girlfriends! Grab your favorite snack and drink and let's get started!

Makeup Classes

Now that you have great makeup products, you need to learn how to use them! While YouTube and Instagram are fun, they tend to use a one-size-fits-all method to teaching. It can seem a bit repetitive, and it's not a style of makeup that works well for everyday. Even the glammest of glamanistas have a natural makeup look for everyday wear.

Beauties, I will help you select the best makeup style for you and teach you exactly how to wear it! Learn how to apply your makeup to compliment your facial features and bone structure. You'll look your best for any occasion!


Beauties, at some point, in-person makeup services will take place. Depending on state regulations and phases, makeup services may be allowed to start sooner rather than later. As a Boston-based makeup artist, I follow Massachusetts state regulations regarding covid-19 makeup practices.

You know I keep it clean, beauties! I am very open about my sanitation practices, and will continue to do so. This solely out of respect to you, my customer!

As you've seen in the past, PPE is my jam. I make sure to cover myself as much as possible to keep you and your crew safe. I make sure to arrive covered in as much PPE as I can. And of course, you know I keep my products clean, too! I have makeup sanitizing products, and never double-dip brushes. I even use disposable makeup palettes to ensure that all makeup scooped out goes from pan to palette to face. This order never changes.

I'm always here for you, beauties!

So beauties, that's what I've got for the future of makeup. As things progress, I'll keep you updated!

Lots of love,




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