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Makeup Lessons: Carla's Easy AF Makeup Look

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hi beauties! Let's talk about my Easy AF Makeup Look. The reason why I named it so is because this is the perfect, versatile makeup look. Whether you are in meetings with clients, or in the office, this is the perfect makeup look for you! A large percentage of my customers are working professionals or small business owners, so I wanted to create this specific lesson to guide those of you who are in these types of careers. However, anyone can rock this easy makeup look!

Carla's Easy AF Makeup Look is classic and simple to do. I personally like a bright pink lip when I am in meetings or with clients, so I included it in my look for this blog. You can use whatever lip color you are comfortable with, or you can ask me for some help finding the perfect lip color! (Stay tuned for this one beauties, it's a big deal!) This makeup style is perfect because it is easy to apply and versatile.

Beauties, I can tell you that the day I took these photos I had lunch with a friend, called clients, filmed a few IGTV videos, and a few other tasks. I didn't have to worry one bit about my makeup because it looked great and really worked well with my busy day.

This really is the best makeup look for anyone! It is versatile with your personal style, as well as your schedule! Anyone at any age can rock this gorgeous makeup look!

**Makeup Bag Makeover or a Personal Beauty Shopping service is strongly recommended before taking this class.**

***This class was formerly named The Professional's Makeup Look, but since I had so many requests for this type of makeup class, I decided to open it up to everyone!

Book Carla's Easy AF Makeup Look makeup lesson now! You can take this makeup lesson in-person or virtual!

Later! <3 Carla

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