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Makeup Lessons: Everything Eyes!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hi beauties! Let's talk about another makeup class: Everything Eyes! This is such a fun class! I love to teach everyone how to properly apply eye makeup for their unique eye shape. I know a lot of you struggle with how to apply eye makeup. If this sounds like you, then guess what! This is the perfect class for you!

Beauties, I want to help you feel confident and look great, and Everything Eyes is definitely one of the makeup classes you want to take! This is an eye-focused course, so be prepared to only create eye makeup looks. During this class, we will create eye makeup looks that are the focus of your entire makeup look.

**I personally recommend you take this course after Flawless Beauty, in order to apply your complexion products perfectly before class!**

Regardless of your eye shape, there is a beautiful makeup look for you! Before we apply any eye makeup, we will go over your eye shape and color. We will discuss techniques and colors that will compliment your beautiful peepers! So not only will you know how to apply your eye makeup perfectly everyday, but you will also know the perfect colors to compliment your eyes! It doesn't get better than that, beauties!

So beauties, Everything Eyes is definitely a makeup class you want to take if you are struggling with your eye makeup, or just want a great refresh! Bring your brushes and your favorite eye makeup products! I can't wait to teach you!

**Makeup Bag Makeover or a Personal Beauty Shopping service is strongly recommended before taking this class.**

Book your Everything Eyes Makeup Lesson now! You can take this makeup class in-person or virtual!

Later! <3 Carla


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