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Mary's City Wedding 8.31.2019!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hi beauties! Happy #weddingwednesday! Today I wanted to show off one of CCBC's lovely summer brides, Mary!

Almost done with Mary's look!

She was such a sweet bride!

First, let's talk about Mary's trial. When she came in for her trial in April, she expressed her concern about her wedding makeup look being too heavy and overdone. She went to Sephora for her engagement photo makeup, and wasn't happy with her results. She expressed that she wanted a lovely enhancement, with no bright pops of color. She wanted a fresh, natural makeup look. (My specialty!)

Mary and hubby Ryan!

Once we found her perfect makeup look, she was SO excited! When she booked me, she even mentioned how she had been dreaming about her makeup look since the trial! What a compliment!

Fast forward to her lovely August wedding day! The day started off with warmth and sunshine. Myself and assistant Jessica arrived early at the Hyatt Boston Harbor and were ready to slay! Mary and her group were excited and ready to have fun beautifying themselves! What a pleasant group! They were great and completely trusted us to create special makeup looks for each person, moms included!

Mary and her crew looking beautiful!

We had such a fun time with Mary and her group! Everyone had beautiful, natural makeup looks. The makeup lasted all night through drinks and dancing. Everyone was so happy that their makeup looks were comfortable and wearable!

Mary, it was such a pleasure to be part of your special day! I am so happy to have helped you create your ideal makeup look! Thank you again for hiring me!

**All photos courtesy of Whiting Photography.**

Congratulations Mary and Ryan!

Brides, as always, you know I am here for you! I understand that you just want to look like the best version of yourself!! That's why I am here!! And of course, if you have any questions, book your FREE 15-minute phone consultation today!

<3 Carla



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