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Monthly Makeup Inspo: Christine's Glamorous Look

Happy #makeupmonday beauties! Today we are showing off some serious glam!! Let's take a look at Christine's glamorous makeup look! Christine was attending her nephew's wedding last August, and loves a super glamorous style of makeup. Naturally, I couldn't wait to get her in my makeup chair!

Christine has sat in the makeup chair a few times, and has really honed in on a specific style of makeup that she likes, so of course, we had to repeat it today! Look how great she looks!

So let's break down her look, shall we?!


Christine wears glasses, so she loves a bold, shimmery eye look. The bolder, the better! For her signature style, Christine loves a shiny, warm, bronze tone on the eyelid. Complimented with a deeper warm brown, and a little eyeliner, this look really says glamorous wedding guest! She also loves a very flirty lash, so some demi wispies really complete the look!


Christine loves a heavy full coverage, so that's what we gave her! She takes very good care of her skin, so a full coverage complexion looks great on her! And if you couldn't tell in this photo, she is 52! She looks fantastic! Keep up that great skincare routine, miss Christine!!


Christine wore a black dress to her nephew's wedding, and wanted a bold lip to compliment her glamorous makeup look. We decided on a beautiful plum lipstick. The right amount of bold, but still natural enough not to compete with the eye makeup in her look!

Doesn't Christine look great?! Regardless of your age, beauties, I have your back! Let's talk about your favorite makeup look and how I can help you achieve it!

Lots of love and lipstick,




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