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My Favorite Summer 2019 Makeup Trends For My New England Clients!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hi beauties! I am SO excited to talk about this topic today! As you all know by now, summer is my absolute FAVORITE season! I love the sunshine, heat, even humidity here in New England! There is no season like summer in New England! With that being said, let's talk about my favorite summer 2019 makeup trends and how you can apply them (and make them last) this summer here in New England! Let's get into it!

So first of all, let's talk about how to keep your makeup lasting through the dog days of summer! Of course the secret to great makeup is great skin! Make sure you are taking care of your skin! Drinking enough water and a healthy diet helps you care for it internally. Externally, you need to develop a great routine. You can reference my past blog post about developing a basic skincare routine!

I know what you're thinking: but what about primer?! Well my friends, let me tell you a little secret: most makeup artists do NOT use primer! Even on those dog days of summer. Yup, you read that CORRECTLY. Honestly, some truly never use a primer, at all. I would only use a primer serum if my client is VERY oily-- to the point that their skincare routine cannot even control the oil. And for those who are sweat heavily in the summer? I use a really cool gel that helps absorb sweat so it doesn't crack through your makeup!

***If you have questions about your skincare routine, or are looking for product recommendations, please schedule a facial with a practicing esthetician.***

I can answer any and all questions about MAKEUP products only!

Now that I've covered that, let's get into the MAKEUP TRENDS! I am so excited for this one! The following are my favorite summer 2019 makeup trends:

1. Natural Brows

here's my natural brows!

Okay beauties, so this one is suuuuper simple! Just let your brows grow! Obviously tame them a little--I just brushed mine. The "perfect", drawn-on brows are officially out of style! For those of you who have thick brows like myself, you can just give 'em a quick brush and a small fill. If you don't have these caterpillars, you can brush and use some brow powder to fill them to create more shape! But remember: keep them as natural-looking as possible!

2. Glowing Skin

This one is SUCH a fun one! So first of all, to have amazing, glowing skin, make sure you are using products that promote glowing skin! I used a sheet mask from" I Dew Care." I used the Olive Oil Nourishing Mask, because my skin was a tad dry and dehydrated last night. I also applied Tarte's Maracuja C-Brighter eye treatment to any darkness in my eye area. Then I applied Cosmedica Skincare Rose Gold Illuminating Serum before applying my foundation.

Here's my before pic!

I mean look at the difference ALREADY.

skincare routine: Sheet mask, glow serum, vitamin c eye cream

After applying foundation. I went in with two different cream highlighters. One was a glittery, champagne tone. The second was a rosey-champagne tone layered on top. I like to highlight the brow bone, the inner corner of the eye, and the top of the cheeks. If you like a SUPER glowy look, you would apply highlight wherever the light falls on your face.

That glow!!!!

3. Bright Eyes

Beauties, this is such a fun trend! I had so much fun creating this simple, bright eye look! So go try out some fun bright eyeshadow colors and ROCK it this summer!

4. Bright Lips

You guys know I would be SUPER excited that bright lips are on trend! Rocking my signature shade of pink here! There are so many fun bright lipstick options out there! Don't be afraid to try them!

5. Bronzer

Bronzed AF!

After probably a 20-year hiatus, bronzer is officially back in style! So how do you use bronzer properly? Remember beauties, bronzer is meant to give you a sunkissed glow--without the sun! Now, I was out in the sun the other day for about 4 hours (of course with sunblock on!), and my skin warmed up quite a bit. I'm generally on the lightest end of the medium tones, and because the sun warmed up my skin, I'm naturally a true medium tone now. Because of this. when I bronze, I need to use the appropriate shade. I use a fairly dark shade to bronze my skin. I also prefer to use a matte bronzer, so my skin naturally looks tan. If you like to have a glowy-tanned look, you can use a shimmery bronzer!

So where should you apply bronzer? Anywhere the sun hits you naturally. Usually, the sun hits you on the forehead, bridge of the nose, cheeks, and chin. I wear a lot of v-neck style tops, so the sun hits my chest as well. I like to use a powder bronzer, because it's easiest to buff in the skin and create a natural finish. I use the fluffiest brush I have to buff in my bronzer.

6. "Clean Skin"/"No Makeup"-Makeup Look

This one is super easy to achieve, beauties! It's based on a very light makeup application. You don't want any parts of the makeup to stand out.

Simple, no-makeup look!

As you can see, there are no specific areas of my makeup look that stand out. Nothing pops. It's just natural, fresh, and polished!

7. Lip Gloss

And finally, the one trend I am most excited about: lip gloss! Yes friends, lip gloss is FINALLY back in style! While I loved matte lipstains, I LOVE lip gloss! Like, love love. Like, when I saw that lip gloss was back on trend, I was like" YAY!"

There are so many fab lip glosses out there, I recommend you try out a few for yourselves and see which ones you like beauties!

And of course, when you try out these trends, be sure to tag me on social: @creativecontourbycarla ! I want to see how you try out these fun trends!

Happy slaying!

<3 Carla



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