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My Secrets: How To Get Great Skin Outside Of Your Skincare Routine!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hi beauties! Happy #weddingwednesday! So this blog post doesn't just apply to the #CCBCBrideFam, it applies to anyone who wants to maintain having great skin!

Boston wedding makeup!
Glowing, beautiful skin! Photo courtesy of ARS Magna Studio

Be an insider and follow these fantastic tips to have your best skin ever!

1. Staying Hydrated

You all know by now how important drinking enough water is. You should be drinking half your weight in ounces (or refilling a reusable water bottle twice) each day. I know it sounds like a lot of water, but your skin will love you for it!

2. Exercise

According to my research, exercise benefits your skin! Exercise increases blood flow. The blood flow carries oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells, which nourishes them. (Helloooooo post-workout glow!)

Boston wedding makeup
Glowing skin is in! Photo courtesy of Qian Hegarty Photography

3. Getting Enough Sleep

Whatever your ideal number is, sleeping enough hours each night helps your skin! When you don't sleep enough, your body makes more cortisol (stress hormone), which is bad for the skin. By getting enough sleep, you improve skin health!

4. Diet

My friends, you know this already, but let me revisit it. Having a healthy diet benefits the skin from the inside out! My recommendations are to eat a lot of dark, leafy greens, and berries! Kale, collard greens, swisschard, and spinach are great options. Blueberries, strawberries, and the like are great, too!

Boston Wedding Makeup!
Beautiful Skin from within! Photo courtesy of Michelle Miale Photography

So beauties, these are my secret tips for beautiful skin from the inside out!

And beauties, if you are ready to look and feel your most beautiful on your wedding day, schedule your complimentary 15-minute phone consultation today!!

Later! <3 Carla



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