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My Secrets To Long-Lasting Makeup Without Using A Single Makeup Product!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Makeup look
Ellen's Gorgeous Makeup Look!

Hi beauties! Yes, you read that title correctly! I have two HUGE secrets behind long-lasting makeup, and they don't involve makeup at all!

I want to make sure that you have a great makeup look every time, beauties. I know that a lot of you are struggling to keep your makeup lasting throughout your day. There are tons of makeup tips out there on what products to use to get a long-lasting makeup look (I'll help you with this part during your makeup class). Don't forget about ways to do this outside of your makeup look! My goal is to help you navigate this part today!

So let's get into my easy tips on how to have a long-lasting makeup look without using a single makeup product!

1. Staying Hydrated

Obviously drinking enough water daily has its benefits for your entire body. The organ that benefits the most when your makeup is concerned is your skin!

What's the big deal? When your skin is dehydrated, it's thirsty! It is searching everywhere for water-- including your makeup! If you've ever read the ingredients label on your makeup products, Aqua (water) is pretty high on the list! It may even be the first ingredient listed. When you apply your makeup products, your skin will absorb all of the water in the ingredients, resulting in cracked, cakey makeup. It's literally that simple!

So ultimately, the best way to prevent this from happening is to stay hydrated daily. I recommend refilling a reusable water bottle twice daily.

2. Moisturizer

That's right beauties, moisturizer is your second secret weapon to long-lasting makeup! Apply your moisturizer on your face and neck right before your start your makeup. You want to make sure it is 80% absorbed when you start your makeup. The reasoning behind this is that your makeup will have a layer to grip instead of being fully absorbed into your pores. (Obviously your pores will absorb some of your makeup, but with this method, you don't have to be concerned about your entire makeup look filling your pores.)

Don't forget to finish your makeup look with a great setting spray! I love Skindinavia and Urban Decay setting sprays! They are great and really hold your makeup well!

For those of you who are oily, you can also dust a translucent powder or a setting powder to really lock in your makeup look!

Beauties, it really is that easy! Stay hydrated and wearing your moisturizer everyday do help maintain long-lasting makeup. Start today and you will start seeing a difference after a month!

So here's why it works: your makeup creases, cracks, and maybe melts off, because your skin is dehydrated. When your skin is dehydrated, it is looking for water and will absorb any liquid ingredients in your makeup products. (If you didn't know by now, water is a prominent ingredient in your makeup products.) By drinking enough water daily, you hydrate internally. And then on top of that, wearing moisturizer aids in hydration topically. This combination will ultimately help your skin maintain hydration and help your makeup look last longer!

It really is that easy!

I never give away makeup secrets! So know that when I do, it's because I want you to have beautiful, long-lasting makeup every day! I want to help you! Take advantage of this information and start enjoying long-lasting makeup!

Later! <3 Carla



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