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My Tips For The Perfect Red Lip!

Updated: May 3, 2021

Hey beauties! I am back with more tips! Today I am going to help you find the perfect red lipstick. Now I know that we are still rocking masks for awhile longer, but now is actually the perfect time to give out this advice!

You'll find it helpful to take these two very helpful tips and start your shopping!

There are tons and tons of beautiful red lipsticks out there. How can you simply find the perfect red? I'm sure you've shopped everywhere and tried every lipstick imaginable and it still just doesn't look right. And then you get frustrated and just want to give up. And it doesn't help that when you go shopping there are a lot of pushy sales associates at the makeup counters telling you every single red lipstick looks gorgeous on you and that you should buy each one. And while that may be true, just remember that they also have a sales quota to reach each day they work. It can be really frustrating having someone tell you that you look great just to make a sale, then when you leave, you look like a clown! Don't fret my friends, I am here to help narrow down your search for the perfect red lipstick!

I am a professional makeup artist, so do not expect any type of sales or gimmicks here, beauties. I want you to be able to find the perfect red lipstick and love it forever. I have two easy AF, fantastic tips that will help!

Know Your Undertone

Beauties, your skin's undertone is a very important piece of information. It determines every--yes, every-- makeup product you will purchase. You need to make sure that you know this piece of information. Are you cool, warm, neutral? Do you see shades of red, pink, yellow, blue, violet, or olive in your skin?

If you are totally unsure, you can take a look in the mirror in natural lighting. Wear a white top when you do this so you can see your undertone in the most accurate way. Take a look at your skin and try to determine what colors you see in it. If you are unsure, that is totally normal! You may have to check a couple times.

You can also schedule a Personal Makeup Shopping appointment with me and we will go over this!

Decide On Your Favorite Formula

Beauties, this is something that literally nobody thinks of. What type of lipstick formula do you want to wear? Matte, creme, sheer, gloss? Lipstick formula plays a huge role.

Matte formulas will last the longest and provide the most pigment. They are the brightest and boldest of the formulas. Matte formulas can be quite drying.

Creme formulas are very comfortable to wear and are almost as pigmented as matte formulas. Creme formulas do not last as long, so keep in mind that you will have to bring your lipstick with you to touch up. Creme formulas usually have a somewhat shiny finish that diminishes throughout the day.

Sheer formulas have a sheer wash of color and lots of shine. They are very comfortable to wear and a similar to a pigmented lip balm. They do not last as long as creme or matte formulas, so make sure you bring your sheer lipstick with you on-the-go!

Lip gloss is packed with shine and a tiny bit of pigment. They are so fun to wear. If you are new to wearing red lip color, I recommend starting with a red lip gloss. It's like a red lipstick without the commitment! Can't get better than that. Make sure to take your red lip gloss with you on-the-go!

So my beautiful followers, these are my easy AF tips on how to find the perf red lip! I know that shopping around for a color this bold can be quite intimidating. I'm here to help! During your Personal Makeup Shopping appointment, I will help you understand your skin's undertone and what formula of red lipstick would work best for you!

Lots of love and lipstick,




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