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Natural Makeup, Neutral Makeup, Glamorous Makeup: What Is What?

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hey beauties! I know there is a lot of confusion around this one. My goal in writing this blog post is to clear up any confusion you may have concerning these topics. So let's jump right in!

Boston Makeup Artist
Photo courtesy of Golden Door Photography

Natural Makeup

Natural makeup refers to two different topics: 1. the ingredients with which the products are made, and 2. a style of makeup that enhances your natural beauty.

**For the sake of keeping things simple, I will only be using the second definition for my comparison.**

A natural makeup look is often very soft and subtle. The complexion will have a light to medium coverage. A natural makeup look is often described as an enhancement of your natural beauty!

Here are a few examples of a natural makeup style:

Natural makeup look!
Evelyn's natural makeup look! Makeup and photo by Creative Contour by Carla!

Natural makeup look!
Jamie's natural makeup look! Makeup and photo by CCBC

"Neutral Makeup"

There is no formal style of makeup named "neutral makeup." Neutral refers to the colors and tones used in the makeup look. A neutral makeup look uses neutral colors such as beige, tan, mauve, brown, gold, bronze, rose, and the like.

There are many ways to use neutral colors in makeup. You can use neutral colors to create a natural makeup look or a glamorous makeup look.

Here are some examples of makeup looks with neutral tones:

Neutral makeup look!
Ali's professional headshots using neutral tones. Photo courtesy of Kayla Teves Photography

Neutral makeup!
Margaret's bridal makeup look using neutral tones. Photo courtesy of Danyel Stapleton Photography

Glamorous or "Glam" Makeup

Glamorous makeup lives up to its name! This makeup style uses any and every makeup color imaginable! Let your creativity thrive when creating a glamorous makeup look, the sky's the limit!

Expect a glamorous makeup look to have pops of color or drama. A bold eye and a lip. The complexion will have a medium to full coverage. This is nowhere near an enhancement!

Here are a few examples of glamorous makeup looks:

Glamorous makeup look!
Christine's glamorous makeup look! Makeup and photo by Creative Contour by Carla!

Glamorous makeup look!
Anna's glittery glamorous makeup look! Photo and makeup by Creative Contour by Carla!

So beauties, that's really it. Of course there are small details with each topic I've discussed. I wanted to stick to the basics so you have a better idea of what you are looking for!

I specialize in a natural style of makeup, but I've done all styles of makeup and worked with many different colors of makeup products!

And beauties, now that you know the differences between each style of makeup, it's time to learn how to create them! I will teach you how to recreate each one of these makeup styles so you can look great for any occasion with your 1-on-1 makeup lesson! Click here to learn more information about MAKEUP LESSONS!

Later! <3 Carla



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