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New Makeup Service: Personal Makeup Shopping

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Applying lip gloss
PC: Kayla Teves Photography

Hey beauties! I have a new service! I am now announcing Personal Makeup Shopping! Never worry about pushy sales associates in department stores again. Never worry about what brands to purchase again. Never worry about what products to purchase, again. You'll have advice from a professional, right at your finger tips!

And the best part: I am hosting this service virtually during the Covid-19 pandemic! You get to enjoy the comfort of home, and no-pressure shopping alongside an experienced professional! I have you in mind while we shop. I will go over the answers on your questionnaire and your beauty collection, then it's time to shop!!

Beauties, really take this time during our appointment seriously. This is your time to speak up and say what you like and don't like. If you are interested in trying a new product, tell me! Same goes for if you don't think you'd like a certain color or product. This appointment is for you. And remember: it's just us. You can tell me anything and it won't leave the appointment! So it's totally fine if you don't like red lipstick, or maybe you prefer a certain eyeshadow color over another. It's absolutely fine to discuss your preferences! Tell me if you don't like certain colors or products I show you. We can move onto a different brand!

By now you're probably thinking: how does this work?

Well beauties, here's how it works.

First you'll book your appointment. After your appointment is approved, I'll send you the questionnaire. Once you fill it out, I'll get to work. I'll do some research into brands that I think you will gravitate towards based on your answers and budget. Speaking of budget: this is definitely a number you want to be comfortable with, based on your needs. Make sure to really think about your budget, so we can stick to it!

Once I am done researching, it's time for your appointment! Make sure to be in a well-lit room. I want to make sure that we have an accurate representation of your skintone, undertone, and facial features! This is a huge factor in personal beauty shopping because I want to make sure we get you matched correctly the first time. We will start your appointment by going through your current collection of beauty products. Based on how you answered your questionnaire, and your concerns over your current beauty products, I will help you assess each product. Don't be surprised if you end up tossing out a few products. Once that part is done, it's time to shop!

Shopping is the best part! It's a lot of fun. Almost like going shopping with your best friend! Together we will take the rest of your appointment to explore makeup brands, products, and the best colors for you! Again, this is your time. I'm here to help you. No pushing or pressure. You'll get individual professional advice and attention, and find some great products for you!

Beauties, don't be surprised if you are on makeup product overload at the end of the appointment. But no worries! I will save all of the links from your appointment and email each link with the appropriate color choice for you! Then you will receive an email after our appointment with all of your links, so all you have to do is click the link and add to bag! It's that easy!

So our appointment is done, what happens next? Great question!

The next step is to go shopping! Once you get your products, I recommend testing each option to make sure the color match is perfect. Sometimes the product is photographed under heavy lighting, so it's possible that you may need to return it and order a different color. That's totally okay! That's why you do a test swatch after you purchase. Once you find a perfect match, the next step is a makeup lesson! I not only will teach you what products to buy, but also how to use them!

Beauties, it's all about you! I want to help you get the best products, and look your absolute best! I am here for you!

Lots of love,



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