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Pantone Color Of The Year 2020: Fun Ways To Use Classic Blue In Your Makeup Routine!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hi Beauties! Happy New Year! Are you excited for the new decade? With a new year comes a new color! Pantone selected Classic Blue as the 2020 color of the year! How exciting!

Blue is such a cool color to incorporate into your makeup looks. You can really let your creative side flourish by adding Classic Blue into your makeup looks! Imagine how fun it would be walking around Boston rocking a blue smokey eye or all-over blue eyeliner!! I can dig it!

I recreated one makeup look by Celebrity Makeup Artist, Jordan Liberty:

Inspired by Jordan Liberty, Celebrity Makeup Artist
Here's my creation with Pantone's Classic Blue!

You can see his original look here.

This look is glamorous and fun, yet still easy to create!

Step 1:

Follow your regular skincare routine. (If you don't have one, let's chat!)

Step 2:

Start with your eye makeup. This method creates an easy clean up if you have some fallout from your eye makeup!

Apply your base on eyelids-- this can be an eye primer, concealer, or foundation. Grab your Classic Blue eyeshadow. Apply to your mobile lid. Apply a deep, blue-based purple tone to your natural and blend. Time for some highlight! Apply a blue-based highlighter to the brow bone, blend. Finish with desired eye makeup products, such as: eyeliner, mascara, false eyelashes, and the like. Apply your concealer (if needed) on the under eye and set with powder.

Step 3:

Time for face makeup! Apply your foundation. Apply blush, bronzer, highlighter as desired and buff.

Step 4:

Onto the lips! Keep this lip simple and natural! Choose a lip color or gloss that closely matches your natural lip color and apply.

And results:

Ta Da!

When you aren't feeling as adventurous, you can keep your makeup simple and do an all-over Classic Blue eyeliner look! Simply apply your favorite Classic Blue eyeliner on top and bottom eyelash lines, and inside the water line in the eye. Apply mascara. (You can even try a Classic Blue mascara with this, too!) Finish your makeup look as desired, but remember to keep the rest of the look simple and natural! You really want your eyes to pop!

Beauties, this is such a fun color to try in the new year! I can't wait to teach you! Book your EVERYTHING EYES makeup class today!

Later! <3 Carla

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