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Personal Branding Makeup Feature: Diane Amelia Read

Hey beauties! For today's Personal Branding Makeup feature, check out Diane's Personal Branding Photoshoot session, where Creative Contour By Carla provided Diane's makeup looks!

Diane Amelia Read is posing for a photo while smiling during her branding photoshoot.
Diane looking beautiful!

So beauties, let's get right into!

First of all, not sure if you knew this by now, but one of the services Creative Contour By Carla offers is Personal Branding Makeup! If you aren't sure what this is, you are in luck, because I am happy to explain it for you!

For those of you who are business professionals, entrepreneurs, or small business owners, you may have heard of a phrase called 'Personal Branding.' What this phrase means is that your company or business has a branded image or theme. In business, you need to follow that branded image or theme, because it represents you to your potential customers or clientele. Your branding also includes colors and fonts on your website, and of course, photos of you! If you are the face of your company, your customers need to see you, whether it is a posed photo like above, or there is a professional photo of you in action in your business.

Personal Branding mainly pertains to photos, but can includes videos as well. Think of a Personal Branding Video like a commercial. You spend the entire video talking about your company, who you serve, and the menu of services or products that you offer. It's pretty cool when you think about it! Videos usually take a longer time to film and create than photos, but the makeup will work out the same way.

Diane Amelia Read is sitting in a chair posing for a photo during her branding photoshoot.
Diane looking classic and professional for her branding session!

Doesn't Diane look amazing?!!

So Diane is a customer of a customer. Yep, you understood me right! Diane is a customer of one of my customers! I am the in-house Makeup Artist for NextOnScene Media, based in Everett, MA. Diane is one of NextOnScene Media's regular customers. So basically, she's a regular of a regular!

Diane is a coach in the wellness space and teaches you how to love and care for your body properly. That includes regular exercising. She teaches you proper exercising techniques for where you are in your wellness journey. She does this via the Beachbody system. And yes, she does the workouts with you!! Isn't that amazing! Diane is in her 60s and she is in better shape than most 20-somethings. I totally want to be her when I grow up!

Diane Amelia Read is posing for a photo during her branding photoshoot.
Diane looking toned!

Diane certainly is toned!

So for her Branding Photoshoot session, Diane wanted to incorporate and show off her workouts in action. First we showed that aspect. The makeup was a natural style of makeup that almost appeared to be a 'no-makeup' makeup style because most folks don't wear makeup while working out. So I wanted to make sure to allow Diane to look most like herself for these photos.

Then as you saw in the photos earlier, we amped up her makeup look! Diane enjoys a little glamour and I was ready to bring it to her. I applied a demi wispy style of false eyelashes, a smoked out eye look, and finished with a beautiful berry lipstick. It was the perfect touch of glamour to finish her branding photos!

Diane Amelia Read is sitting at a table pointing to s suitcase full of encouraging phrases while smiling for a photo.
Diane's branding photos were a success!

And check out what she had to say about her Personal Branding Makeup Experience with Creative Contour By Carla:

Carla did my makeup for my day-long photo shoot. Thanks to her skills she progressed me through a wide range of looks, from natural to glam. Best of all, she listened and made adjustments to make sure that I always felt like me!

Thank you, Diane for such a sweet review! This means so much to me, It was a pleasure to have you in my makeup chair! I'm always here to listen to your makeup needs!

And beauties, if you are ready to book your Personal Branding Makeup, send me an email:

I want to help you look and feel your best for your Branding session!

Lots of love and lipstick,



Photos: Kayla Teves Photography

Planning/Execution: NextOnScene Media

Hair: Manda Carco

Makeup: Creative Contour By Carla



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