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Sneak Peek Inside Creative Contour by Carla's Wedding Makeup Lookbook!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hey beauties! I am going all in with today's post! That's right, you are getting a sneak peek inside my famous lookbook! I have never done something like this before--ever. I thought it would be a fun idea to show you this beautiful makeup style as inspiration for your wedding day makeup! Today I am taking you behind the scenes and showing off the Metropolitan Chic makeup style! If you love the city, your inner city girl will love this makeup style! Anything involving the city is always in, am I right?!

Wedding makeup blog
Urban Chic Wedding

So what is the City Chic makeup style?! I am so glad you asked! Urban Chic is a stylish makeup look that city brides just love! It's very trendy. Inspired by the chic way city girls do their everyday makeup, my own makeup included, City Chic has a certain flair that you only find in an urban setting. Channel your inner city girl and try out this makeup look on your wedding day! You will look chic and trendy in all of your wedding photos with the City Chic makeup style. This style of makeup has a few specific aspects that you won't find combined in any other style of makeup.

1. Dewy Skin

When you live in the city, you're most likely rushing to and fro. While you're running around the city, you develop a beautiful glow from all of that cardio! In this style of makeup, your skin will have the same flush, and beautiful glow. With my knowledge and extensive kit, I will recreate this fresh, dewy finish! Get the glow without the cardio! Glow on, brides!

Wedding makeup
Glow on, brides!

2. Full Lashes

Get lashy with it, beauties! City Chic makeup means lashes, lashes, lashes! Don't be afraid to wear a pair of full, flirty lashes. We will keep the eye makeup left soft and simple. Let the false eyelashes steal the show! Full, flirty, false eyelashes will make the eyes pop, without adding too much drama. If you have never worn false eyelashes before and want to, this is the makeup style to try! You'll feel like a chic city girl!

false eyelashes
Lashes, lashes, lashes!

3. A Beautiful Lip

Beauties, this is the time to try out that bold lip color you've always wanted to try! A bold lip is one of the signature aspects of the Metropolitan Chic makeup style! City girls love a bold lip, it's so chic! We just pop on our lip and head out the door. Channel your inner city girl with a bright, bold lip color, like this beautiful pink! I've done reds, berries, pinks, burgundy, etc., on my Metropolitan Chic brides.

bright pink lipstick
A Beautiful Lip Color!

Beauties, wow your honey with this gorgeous makeup style! You'll love your photos, they'll love your beautiful look! You'll be getting so many compliments at your wedding, you'll want to rock this makeup look everyday! You'll feel like you're a city girl upon leaving my chair!

I hope you liked this sneak peek! If you are ready to see the rest of the styles, download my free lookbook today!

<3 Carla

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