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Spring Makeup Look!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hey beauties! I am back with this gorgeous spring-themed makeup look! I decided to have a little bit of fun and incorporate one of the 2021 makeup trends into this beautiful, fresh makeup look!

I decided to use a bright lime green eyeshadow as the focus of this fun makeup look. What a fun color for warmer weather, am I right?! I wanted to dip into the 2021 makeup trends and use a bright eyeshadow to really amp up this makeup look.

I also wanted to make sure that this makeup look is wearable during the pandemic, so I made sure to really amp up the eye makeup, while keeping the rest of the makeup look soft and natural. This makeup look is totally mask-friendly and easy to wear, yet really fun at the same time!

This is such a fun, bright pop of color! While we are still wearing masks, eye makeup will be our primary focus. I say you have fun and wear colors that you love!

I decided to keep the rest of the makeup look soft and wearable. I used various warm shades to compliment the bright lime green eyeshadow! This is the perfect combination for spring time! Just when we can start to get outside a little bit more, why not dress up with this fun makeup look! I used warm, peachy tones on Cristina, in order to compliment her natural peachy undertone.

If you fall under the lighter range of the spectrum, I recommend wearing warm, bronzey tones with this lime green eyeshadow. It will look so beautiful! You'll have a soft compliment with a touch of glamour at the same time. If you fall under the deeper range of the spectrum, use warm peachy tones, or deep cool browns to compliment this fun bright eyeshadow! I can guarantee that you will absolutely love the result!

And remember to keep the eyes the focus of your entire look! Keep the rest of your look fairly soft and natural to really let this bright color steal the show! Everyone will be complimenting you!

Beauties, remember that I am always here for you. I want you to look great whether you sit in my chair, or decide to create your own glamour! I want you to look your absolute best every single time. So know that when I show you all of these great looks and drop advice and ideas, I am looking out for you!

You can also watch the video on my YouTube Channel:



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