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The Best Way To Maintain Clean Makeup Brushes

Hey beauties! Happy #makeupmonday! Today's topic is an area of expertise for your favorite makeup artist! As a working professional, who cleans her brushes after every client, I know what I'm talking about over here! Maintaining clean makeup brushes is so important in your daily routine.

Now you may be wondering what I do differently than everyday people. And my answer for you is: not much. That's the thing. Cleanliness is easy, (and should be) part of everyone's daily routines! That also goes for your makeup brushes. Now I know you all are busy with your daily lives, beauties, but you want to make sure you don't neglect your makeup brushes!

makeup artist holding brushes

So let's get into some easy ways to maintain clean makeup brushes.

1. Only applying to clean skin

Now beauties, I'm not sure if this was your first thought as well, but this is my first thought when I have clients sit in my chair, as we all in my own routine. If I know someone or myself, have been outside, I give a quick cleanse. I usually like to use a micellar water because it makes all the dirt, grime, sweat, oil, etc., adhere and be removed from the skin. You can also do a quick cleanse with your usual cleanser! And of course, follow with your regular skin care routine!

If your makeup brushes touch your face and there is dirt, sweat, oil, etc., those things will adhere to the brush hairs, which basically makes them dirty. Whereas when you are applying your makeup to cleansed skin, you remove that risk!

2. Using a spot treatment to remove makeup residue

Now this is a step that I personally use when cleaning my professional and personal makeup brushes. Makeup brush cleaner is a great product that spot cleans remaining makeup residue after you apply your makeup. This is a great step for those of you who like the squeaky clean brushes!! As a professional, this is a required step as it prevents as much bacteria transfer as possible.

3. Going Deep

A fun, sporty phrase, for sure, beauties! However when it comes to makeup brushes? This means that you want to get your soap as deep into the brushes as possible. Make sure you are gently scrubbing your brushes to keep them lasting as long as possible! You really want to scrub as deep as you can into the ferrule, in order to remove every little bit of dirt remaining on your makeup brushes.

makeup brushes

4. Washing with clean hands

Beauties, our hands touch everything! Before you clean your makeup brushes, give your hands a good wash. Really get in there and don't forget to clean under your finger nails!

5. Excess Water

This one may be something you didn't initially think of, but excess water! Make sure you squeeze out any excess water that is dripping from your brushes. This will prevent bacteria growth on your makeup brushes!

6. A Clean Drying Spot

My sixth, and final piece of advice: setup a clean drying spot for your makeup brushes! I recommend using a clean, dry towel to lay them on in order to air dry. Try your best to choose a location where there isn't a lot of foot traffic in your home, so no one accidentally touches or coughs or sneezes on them!

makeup palette with concealers spread on it

Over all, try your best to do what you can to maintain clean makeup brushes, beauties! As long as you are washing them at least once per week with regular use, you're golden! I wanted to make sure you had some other helpful tips to keep your brushes lasting as long as possible!

And of course, if you have any questions or need any help with your makeup brush cleaning routine, book your makeup lesson experience today!

Lots of love, lipstick, and makeup brushes!




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