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The Bronzed Goddess: Sizzle This Summer With This Hot Makeup Look!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hey beauties! Happy #makeupmonday! Bronze makeup looks are basically my favoritest thing ever! (Yup, I said favoritest!) Check out how easy it is to create this sizzling makeup look!

I know a lot of you have asked me how to properly use bronzer. Well this look will certainly help with that! Remember that bronzer adds warmth to the skin, so the overall theme of this look will have a warm vibe. The Bronzed Goddess will have you looking seriously sun-kissed and steamy all summer long!

Try The Bronzed Goddess makeup look to sizzle summer:

After you've followed your skincare routine, it's time for makeup! It is up to you whether you want to start with your face or eyes. I like to start with eyes, because it's easier to clean up!

Bronzed Eyes:

Your eyes are the gateway to the soul, goddesses. Create a warm, sultry eye look to sizzle this summer:

1. Apply your base on your eyelids. This can be your foundation, concealer, a creme or liquid eyeshadow, or a formal eye primer. Set your base.

2. Apply bronze color to mobile eyelids. This can be eyeshadow, or your favorite bronzer, depending on your preferences. This look can consist of shimmers, mattes, glitters, or a combination of the 3!

3. This can be a soft, simple look, or very glamorous! You decide, goddess! If you want to keep things simple, softly apply and blend your bronzer in your natural crease. If you are ready to get glamorous, apply and blend a deeper shade of eyeshadow in your natural crease. There is no requirement to how dark you want to make it, as long as everything stays bronzey and warm! Finish the eye with a warm highlight in the brow bone and buff.

4. Finish your eye look as desired: eyeliner, mascara, lashes, and the like! If you want to really amp up the look, finish your bottom eyelid with your base or concealer and set. Then apply your bronzer and buff at the eyelash line!

Bronzed Skin:

Create a heavenly, sun-kissed complexion with these simple steps:

1. Apply your foundation to face and neck. If you want to have a natural glow to the skin, mix a drop of highlighter into your foundation before applying!

2. Now it's time for bronzer! Take a large, fluffy makeup brush. Apply bronzer to the forehead, temple, cheeks, chin, and neck. Buff in bronzer. Apply as desired, until you achieve your favored level of tan! Tread lightly! Remember: you can always add more!

**The trick with this step is to look sun-kissed and bronzey, not orange. If you are having trouble finding the right bronzer, I recommend trying a matte, powder bronzer. Powders are easy to apply and blend!**

My favorite powder bronzer is the original Hoola bronzer by Benefit Cosmetics! However, they have recently launched an inclusive set of shades for a wide range of skin tones!

***If you are having trouble finding your shade of bronzer: try your best to start with a color that will make you look naturally sun-kissed! When you are shopping, swatch the tester on the back of your hand to see how the bronzer shows against your skin tone. (Never swatch testers on your face!)***

3. Finish the face as desired: blush, highlight, and the like.

4. Depending on your desired look, consider using a warm lip color: if you want to use a bronzey color, try something a bit darker than your bronzer! You can also use a bright lipstick, or even a fun gloss! If you use a lip gloss, try to find something with gold sparkles-- that will really make your look pop!

And voila, beauties! That's it! There is the Bronzed Goddess! You are ready to heat things up this summer! Be sure to tag me when you create this look on Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest: @creativecontourbycarla, @ccbcmua on TikTok when you create these looks! I can't wait to see your gorgeous bronzey creations!

Later! <3 Carla



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