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The Power Of Setting Spray

Hey beauties! I am back on the blog today to talk about The Power of Setting Spray! This is such a great topic, as there is so much confusing and conflicting information out there. It can be really difficult to navigate which information is factual. No need to worry about the noise out there. Today, I am going to break down two easy points regarding setting spray and the power it has on your makeup look! So let's get into it!

So first of all, is setting spray necessary? From a professional makeup artist's perspective: yes! Here's why: setting spray has two really important jobs in your makeup look. The first job is that setting spray helps lock in makeup by creating a "sticky" barrier. The second is that it aids skin care by locking in moisture to keep your skin hydrated all day. Let's break these ideas down a little further.

eye makeup look

"Sticky" Barrier

Setting spray helps lock in makeup by creating what I am going to call a "sticky" barrier. Basically what this means is that when the spray settles onto the makeup, it adheres to the surface level of your makeup and has a sticky finish. This is really helpful for those of you who touch your face a lot, or if you are very sweaty.

Here's why it works so well: there are certain ingredients that help the spray adhere to the skin. Think of way back in the day when your mother used to use hair spray to keep her makeup in place... it's the same idea! Except that nowadays, makeup has really improved and the ingredients are a little stronger and can last longer. Because of that, products dry down a little faster. Setting spray provides a sticky finish to hold your makeup look in place, without compromising the finish of the makeup products themselves.

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All Day Hydration

Setting spray is a water-based product, so there are hydrating ingredients usually added in order to lock in moisture deep in the skin. This will ultimately help your makeup look remain fresh longer. When your base is hydrated, your makeup look stays in tact longer. Remember that when your skin is dehydrated, it will look for moisture anywhere, including your makeup products. So when your skin is dehydrated, it will absorb water from any source it can (your makeup). The result is cracked, separated makeup. So to avoid this, make sure to give yourself a good mist of setting spray once you have completed your makeup look!

So beauties, I hope this information was helpful for you! I hope that you understand the power of setting spray a little bit better now, and can translate the confusing, conflicting information out there! Take a look at what I had to say about the power of setting spray:

And as always, I am here to help you in any way you need, so go ahead and book your FREE phone consult with me to get your makeup journey started!

Lots of love and lipstick,




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