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Things In My Makeup Kit That Just Make Sense

Hey beauties! Today's blog post is all about my makeup kit, and the items in it that just make sense! You may have noticed earlier this year that this was a big trend on TikTok, and I am bringing it back with today's blog! So let's talk about the items in my makeup kit that just make sense.

Brush sets for each person

Beauties, it is the highest standard of cleanliness and infection control a makeup artist can have. Providing a clean, sanitized set of makeup brushes for each person is crucial to make sure all of you are safe during your Makeup Experience!

makeup brushes
A squeaky clean set of brushes for each person!

Disposable work palettes for each person

Speaking of infection control... this steps seems to be in the minority here. Using a disposable work palette for each person insures that when the product is scooped out, it does not touch any germ or bacteria, period. Again, another great way for you to safely enjoy your Makeup Experience. I personally like to use artist's paper, cut into smaller squares, but there are many other options out there.

Single use wands

Beauties, every makeup artist should have these tools in their makeup kit. This is the strongest way to insure you never double dip! I personally use paper wands, because they are biodegradable, but there are many environmentally friendly options out there, including bamboo wands.

Nitrile Gloves

While I don't expect to use gloves often, I understand that some clients request or require my using gloves on set. This was mainly for commercial jobs when things started ramping back up after the height of the pandemic.

However, sometimes I need gloves when I am working. There may be times when the timeline is tight, and treating a surprise cut may slow down the day, and I may not have time to administer myself first aid before finishing the makeup look.

I decide this on a case by case basis on when to use gloves. I also want to make sure all of my readers understand that I make sure to carry enough pairs of gloves that will cover every person scheduled to sit in the makeup chair for the job that day. When I do have to wear gloves, I make sure to never touch the person's face, in order to prevent bacteria transfer.

Again, this is a case by case basis. There are some jobs where I need to put on gloves as a requirement, or a surprise cut occurs and there is no way to administer first aid in that moment. Some jobs, I have the time to stop and administer myself first aid, or have someone on site provide it for me. It just depends. But I wanted to make sure that you all understand that I stay prepared for this very reason.

First aid kit

Speaking of first aid... that's next on the list! Sometimes things happen, and I need to protect myself (and you) during your Makeup Experience. With that being said, I may have to stop and administer myself first aid, or may ask you or your attendees to do so, depending on the situation. That's why I make sure I am carrying a first aid kit!

It also comes in handy if you for some reason find yourself in need of first aid. (Let's hope that never happens!) Always good to be prepared.

Lots of foundation

It is easier to carry a wide range of foundation colors and formulas so that anyone can sit in my makeup chair. I carry foundation in mini palettes (the size of a credit card), or in small bottles, so everything is transported easily!

foundation containers and bottles

Individual eyelash pieces

I think it's necessary to create a customized eyelash style during your makeup appointment. By carrying individual eyelash pieces in varying sizes, I can do just that. And the best part: they're so comfortable to wear, you won't even feel them!

Stainless steel spatulas

While this one may be self explanatory, I'll mention it anyway. Stainless steel spatulas make it easy to scoop out just enough product onto clean work palettes.

Lipstick for touchups

I retail full-sized lipstick tubes from two separate small brands so you don't have to worry about whether you lipstick will last the length of your event.

lipsticks on display

Lots of eyeshadow colors

This one is also pretty self explanatory, but again, I wanted to mention it anyway. A large variety of eyeshadow colors insures that I can easily create your desired look on the spot!

Mini sprays

Beauties, what these basically are, are depotted sprays. I take mini bottles and fill them with the sprays I use in my kit. It makes it much easier to travel and cater to all skin types. Each skin type needs something different.

And beauties, enjoy this fun video listing all these items!

If you love my setups and displays, book your own class today and I will help you organize your own makeup collection during your Makeup Class Experience! Book your class today!

Lots of love and lipstick,




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