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Three Reasons Why You Should Shop With a Professional Makeup Artist

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Hey beauties! Welcome back to Creative Contour By Carla! Today, I am discussing all things relating to shopping! One of my favorite hobbies! So first of all, let's talk about why I am even discussing shopping. While it's one of my favorite hobbies, makeup shopping specifically can be very overwhelming. As a Makeup Artist, I am overwhelmed when I walk into the makeup store. I can't even begin to imagine how it feels as an everyday consumer to walk into the makeup store looking for something. And then on top of that, you are bombarded on your social media channels from influencers telling you to buy certain products over others. It's just so much!

makeup products

What a great segway, because that brings me to my first point! Here's the first reason why you should shop with a professional makeup artist:

Overall Knowledge

Beauties, as makeup artists, we dabble in makeup as our job! So therefore, we have a strong understanding of product formulas, colors, and more. So when you are shopping, and you're overwhelmed by all of your options, we have your back.

Many of us, like myself, have been in the game for a little bit! I personally have been a makeup artist since 2013 (10 years in 2023). I've seen a lot of things in this industry, I've seen it change and grow. I've seen influencing become so popular, and then completely drown. My point is that we've seen (and therefore know) a lot. Having a professional with you while you are shopping will really help.

And one more thing about knowledge! We take classes, and use various formula types for each client. We understand how things sit with different skin types. Because of this, we know what questions to ask you before we help you shop.

makeup products laid out on the table


Another great segway! I am really getting this good today! In addition to spending countless hours dabbling in product, we spend literally years practicing our craft, and understanding product formulations. After 10 years in this industry (as of 2023), I've learned a lot about how makeup sits on the skin, and how different formulations perform with each skin type. It's a lot of really cool information!


Being a professional requires me to learn certain makeup routines for my own professional application appointments, but also when I am teaching you all! I've learned quite a bit about everyday people and their experience levels for sure. I've learned how to teach my personal clients what products they should used (based on how they answer my questionnaire), and the best methods to use them in their everyday makeup routines. This has helped so many people I've taught how to love makeup again, and slay their everyday makeup routines!

eye makeup close up

So beauties, what are you waiting for?! Let's go shopping!! Book your Phone Consult today to learn more!

I can't wait to take you shopping!

Lots of love and lipstick,




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