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Three Steps To Beautiful Makeup

Hey beauties! I am back at it today to guide you on these three easy steps to beautiful makeup! I want you to love wearing your makeup, and get the most use out of it, without hurting your skin, or making your makeup routine feel like a chore! It's not a chore, or a bore! It's makeup and you should want more! Ha ha, get it? Because it rhymes!

Okay, back to the matter at hand!

So let's talk about the three steps to beautiful makeup: staying hydrated, following your skincare routine, and hiring a great makeup artist!

Creative Contour By Carla is applying lipstick on the bride at her wedding day.

1. Staying Hydrated

Beauties, this is the most important step of all. Staying hydrated is number one because it is so important in our lives for a number of reasons. Drinking enough water daily helps our bodies in so many ways. But today's main focus is on how to have beautiful makeup by staying hydrated,

Beauties, drinking enough water daily really helps your skin in so many ways. The most important way is that helps maintain beautiful makeup! It is so important to stay hydrated because staying hydrated will help prevent makeup from creasing and cracking. When you are dehydrated, your skin will absorb water from anywhere it can, including your makeup. So staying hydrated is the best way to prevent this from happening!

2. Commit to Your Skincare Routine

Make sure to follow your skincare routine daily, no matter how simple it is. This really helps maintain your skin type. Once you know your actual skin type, choosing the right makeup products is really easy! Then you'll always have a great makeup look that you love!

3. Hire A Great Makeup Artist

It's literally what we do! We provide gorgeous makeup to your liking to the best of our abilities. Because it's our job to know how to apply to your bone structure, skin type, skin tone, undertone, etc., we are here to help! And when it comes to your everyday routine, we can also help you find great tips and tricks that work well for you. It's why we are so great, LOL!

This video below really sums up what I am saying, ya know!

And of course, if you need help achieving these three steps, let's start your makeup journey today! Book your FREE phone consult so we can talk about where you will start your makeup journey! I am always here for you, beauties.

Lots of love and lipstick,




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