Types Of Foundations That I Offer: Traditional And Airbrush!

Hi beauties! This is a question I am asked quite often. As a makeup artist in New England, it is necessary that I offer both traditional and airbrush formulas of foundation! This one will be short and sweet, beauties!

Airbrush foundation in action! Photo courtesy of Golden Door Photography

You're probably wondering why I offer both options. Here's the deal:

Photo courtesy of Allie Dowd

Each person has their own preference when it comes to their makeup look. As a Boston makeup artist, I work on all skin tones, undertones, sensitivities, conditions, allergies, and the like. What this means is that I have to be prepared for just about anything under the sun at a moment's notice. All of my New England brides love airbrush, but sometimes their bridal parties prefer not to have airbrush foundation. This is totally fine, because I carry traditional foundation as well, in a variety of finishes.

Photo courtesy of Ke-Li Photography

Being prepared is the most important part of being a professional makeup artist. By carrying both airbrush and traditional formulas of foundation, I can match any skin tone that sits in my chair-- undertones included! It's extremely important to me that you have the perfect match for your special event.

So beauties, that's really it. I kept my promise that today's blog would be short and sweet! I offer multiple options to be prepared for you to sit down in my chair. I provide everything so you can be as relaxed as possible!

And when you're ready, I'm ready! Book your FREE 15-minute phone consultation today to talk all things foundation!

Later! <3 Carla

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