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Valentine's Day Makeup Look!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hey beauties! Check out this fun Valentine's-themed makeup look! The love-themed holiday is back! And as we get closer (hopefully) to ending the covid-19 pandemic, I know all of you are looking for some makeup inspo for your dates!

Beauties, this romantic makeup look will sweep your valentine right off their feet! They will be so smitten when they see you, that they will have those little hearts in their eyes like in cartoons! And yes it's gonna be so cute.

Of course, I am here whether you prefer to have your makeup done, or do it yourself! And as always, I have a few tips and tricks about how to decide on what your love-themed makeup should look like!

So let's get right in, shall we?!

Be festive

Love is in the air, beauties! So why not show that in your makeup look! Have fun using pinks, purples, and reds in your look and really get festive! Just like you would with your outfit!!

I personally recommend using a pink or red lipstick, much like I used on Kate. If you've never tried these options, Valentine's is the perfect time to try! There's no better holiday than Valentine's day to try out these fun, bold lip colors!

Make it flirty, make it sultry

Valentine's day is all about loooooove, so show your special somebody how much they mean to use by playing up your best features! Use your makeup look to create a flirty vibe, or even a sultry vibe! This is the perfect opportunity to be playful with your makeup, beauties!

You can see here that I added a deep violet shade on Kate's eyes to really turn up the sex appeal! This beautiful, deep eyeshadow color is perfect to really make your look romantic! Sultry AF, beauties!

Get that glow

Beauties, glowing skin is so trendy in 2021, why not use it in your makeup look! Glowing skin always looks good, no matter the rest of your makeup look. I personally prefer to create a glow from within on my customers so it looks like they woke up that way!

Of course you all know by now that a solid skincare routine creates beautiful skin, which in turn creates beautiful makeup. However, you'll have to put just a touch more effort into your routines to get this glow beauties!

Beauties, I am always here for you! It's Valentine's and you want to look your absolute best!! I have your back! Book your FREE 15-minute phone call today!




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