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Monthly Makeup Inspo: Donna's Pinky Soft Glam

Hey beauties! Happy #makeupmonday! A little makeup inspiration for you today over here on my corner of the internet! Let's see what your favorite makeup artist has up her sleeve!

This week's makeup inspiration is the lovely Donna's pinky soft glam. So let's get into the look!

First of all, Donna was attending a gala and wanted to wear a beautiful makeup look to compliment her black, sequined dress! Gorgeous, right?! Donna mentioned that she wanted a sparkly eye makeup look to compliment the sparkle in her dress. You better believe that's what we served up! Donna loves the color pink, so I decided to keep that the theme of the overall makeup look. In the world of makeup artistry, we call that a monochromatic makeup look.

donna is posing while looking up and down to show the makeup look.


Donna loves a glamorous touch in her eye makeup. So I decided to really have fun and amp it up by using a pinky, glittery eye makeup gel that would really stand out! I finished the eye makeup with soft, neutral tones. And of course, some flirty false eyelashes!

Natural Blush

I use a soft berry blush on Donna to compliment the eye makeup. I went with that soft, pinky tone to create the monochromatic style.


I used a natural, nude, rosey-brown lipstick. Donna specifically requested a soft, muted color, and I think we got the right one! It has just a hint of pink to really compliment the look!

Let's take another look at this gorgeous makeup style!

Donna is smiling at the camera while posing

Donna is posing with her eyes closed to show off the eye makeup.

Isn't Donna just stunning?! This pinky, monochromatic makeup look is the perfect compliment for her gala! What a stunner!

Beauties, let's get you looking this glamorous! Book your phone consultation today to get started!

Lots of love and lipstick,




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