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Weekly Makeup Inspo: Julie's Warm-Toned Soft Glam

Hey beauties! It's another #makeupmonday! And today I am breaking down this gorgeous makeup look for Julie's special event! I personally love love love warm tones, and get so excited when I get to use them!

Julie was attending her big sister's wedding over the summer and wanted to look her best for the day! Of course I had her back! Julie wore a beautiful eggplant gown, and wanted some summery tones to compliment it. What a great palette!

And let's take a moment to admire Julie's look! Just flawless!

Julie is posing and smiling in the photo.

Let's break down the full makeup look:


As I mentioned earlier, Julie requested warm tones to compliment her eggplant gown for her sister's wedding. So of course, I wanted to get the eyes just right, and this would really set the tone for the entire makeup look. I used a shimmery bronze eyeshadow and a warm brown to really bring the eye makeup to life! Julie specifically requested a heavier eyeliner style, so I made sure to apply it just the way she wanted.


To enhance that warm undertone she requested, I made sure to give a warm, bronzey finish overall to Julie's complexion. I made sure to give bronzey warmth in all the right spots! Then I finished the complexion with a soft, peachy-pink blush to really amplify the warmth! It was summertime after all.


Julie likes to wear natural, nude lips. To complete the warm look, I used a warm, peachy, light nude lipstick. I used a bronzey lip line, and finished the lips with a gold, sparkly lip gloss to really warm up the lip!

Julie is posing and smiling

I really love how easy it is to use warm tones in any makeup look. You just need to understand how colors compliment each other and apply as necessary. It really does come down to that simple fact, beauties. You can wear warm tones with any other undertone, as long as they are complimentary. I recommend using an art color wheel to understand basic complimentary colors!

Isn't Julie's look just gorgeous?! I'm here to help you also look as fabulous as Julie does! Book your complimentary phone consult with me today and let's get started!

Lots of love and lipstick,




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