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Monthly Makeup Inspo: Laura's Soft, Neutral Makeup Look!

Hey beauties! Happy #makeupmonday! As I've done every month this year, I am back with another monthly makeup inspiration! I really have been enjoying these inspirational vibes, myself! I hope you all get the same inspo, so when you sit in my makeup chair, you can show me the looks that stand out to you!

Today, I am back at it with Laura's soft, neutral makeup look! Laura owns Bare Fitness Pilates, LLC in Stoneham, MA! If you haven't already, go and check her out, she's great!

So let's break down Laura's soft, neutral makeup look:

First of all, Laura had a makeup inspo pic for me with the look she wanted! Her makeup inspo was Halle Bailey! Oh my gosh, she's so gorgeous, right?! The photo of Halle showed her wearing a very neutral makeup look, with no parts of the makeup look competing for your eye's attention. However, I know Laura, and she loves a great eye!

Neutral Eye Makeup

Not to be confused with natural, of course! I used neutral tones on Laura's eyes to lean into the neutral theme of her makeup look. Complimented with strong, thick, black eyeliner, and finished with a few individual false eyelash pieces. It's just the right amount. I wanted to make sure the neutral tones really stood out to set the time for the look.


I kept it really simple for Laura's complexion. I only added a heavy coverage where needed. Finished with a soft sweep of a deep orange blush!


Laura specifically requested a pinky lip color. As I mentioned before, her inspiration photo was Halle Bailey, and in the photo, Halle was wearing a soft pink lip. The pink was fairly soft, but had a little kick to it! So, we adapted the color by using a pinky-plum lipstick and topped with a golden, sparkly gloss to really amplify and shine!

Isn't Laura just stunning!!

So what do you think, beauties?! I think it's time for you to get in my chair!

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Lots of love and lipstick,




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