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Monthly Makeup Inspo: Penny's Soft, Smokey Glam!

Happy #makeupmonday, beauties! I'm back with another makeup inspiration blog post for you! And as always, your favorite makeup artist is delivering! This month's feature is Penny's soft, smokey glam look! Penny was attending a concert for her favorite Greek musician, and she wanted to go all out for her event! So fun, right! I'm happy to bring the glam!

Penny mentioned to me that she really loves glam makeup, and neutral smokey tones, easy enough! She wanted to compliment the neon orange jumpsuit she wore to the concert. Let's break down her look.

penny is posing for a photo of her makeup look

Smokey Eye Look

Penny mentioned that she likes neutral tones. I decided to create an entire smokey look with all neutral tones to really compliment her look. We used a neutral brown on her lid and buffed in a fun bronzed tone to create that smokey essence. Finished with a bold eyeliner and large, full eyelashes. Super glam!

Full Coverage Complexion

Penny likes a very glam, full coverage complexion. But she still wants that classic finish in photos, so I made sure to deliver that exact thing! I kept the blush softer so it doesn't distract from the rest of the look.

Glossy Lips

Penny is a lip gloss girl. She loves all lip glosses. She particularly loves neutrals and nudes. I decided to keep it simple by using a golden, bronzey, sparkling lip gloss. It's the perfect finish to this look!

penny is posing with her eyes closed to show off the eye makeup.

Just gorgeous, right?! One of my absolute favorite makeup looks so far this year!! Beauties, if you are ready to be like Penny, book your complimentary phone consult today and let's get your Makeup Experience started today!

Lots of love and lipstick,




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