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When To Have Your Beauty Services Done Before Your Wedding!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hey there beauties! I know quite a few of you have asked for this topic, so I finally got around to posting it! Let's talk ALL about your beauty services and when to have them before your wedding!

These are just a few of the services clients frequently ask me about!

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Waxing is a style of hair removal that involves using either a hard or soft wax to remove hair from any area of the body.

Depending on your pain tolerance and level of your skin's sensitivity, waxing can be rather painful, or feel like a little pinch. For those of you who have lighter skin tones, you may see some redness after waxing. Because of these factors, you should have any waxing services done 3-7 days before your wedding.


Threading is another hair removal process! This is a great alternative if you are too sensitive to waxing! However, my research says that you can still get some redness from threading as well. I would say you can have your threading services done 2-3 days before your wedding.

Faux Tanning

Faux tanning is a great way to have a beautiful, sun-kissed glow without damaging your skin by laying out in the sun! It is also a great way to have a sun-kissed glow if you don't naturally tan in the sun!

I recommend you try out a spray tan a few months before your wedding first to see if you like how the color develops with your skin tone. Once you find a tan formula and color that you like, stick with it! I recommend having your spray tan appointment 2 days before your wedding.

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Facials, Peels, and other Skincare Procedures

If you are getting any of these procedures, you should make sure you have them at least once a few months before the wedding. Again, this is important to try them out and see how your skin handles these procedures.

If you are having any types of peels, microdermabrasion, or skin procedures: make sure you try them out about 5-6 months before the wedding first. These are procedures that you can only have once per month maximum, so if you can try it 6 months, you are better off!

For facials: I recommend starting a skincare routine right away. If you don't have facials regularly, you will now! For those of you who have acneic skin like myself, facials are really beneficial. Depending on your situation and routine, you should start seeing results after a couple of months.

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If you are regularly seeing an esthetician for facials, ask their recommendation. I've had estheticians tell me that they are willing to take regular clients as late as the day before the wedding. They are comfortable waiting this long because they know your skin well as well as your skin goals. They already know what your skin needs to be it's best on your wedding day!

If you do not regularly have facials: I recommend 1-2 weeks before the wedding. You don't know how your skin will handle the facial: if you don't have a skincare routine, you may have a breakout after the facial. This can be a result because the products used are cleaning the skin and stimulating the pores to open and release all of the stuff inside of them. (If you need to start a basic skincare routine today, check out my blog post about fitting a simple skincare routine in your life today!)

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So beauties, that's it! I recommend testing out any of these services 6 months before your wedding. This is a good timeline because you can get the full benefits of the services you love! I mean who doesn't love having beautiful skin and a radiant glow?!

If you have any questions, feel free to book your FREE 15-minute phone consultation today!

See ya later! <3 Carla



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