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Which Concealer Is The Best For You?

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hey there, beauties! Today, let's talk about concealer! I want to guide you on how to find the right concealer for your everyday makeup routine! Of course for your photoshoots, video sessions, special events, and wedding day, I have you covered.

I know that during the covid19 pandemic, that makeup testers were impossible to find. (And by the way, you should never use testers on your face... ever! If you absolutely need to see the color against your skin tone, only swatch on your hand, and immediately clean it off after. Then wash your hands well.) I am sure a lot of you depended on finding the right colors based on using testers. Well beauties, testers no more! I want to help you find the best concealer for you.

So let's talk about all about concealer!

First of all: What does concealer do?

Concealer's main job is to lighten and brighten dark areas on your face. A common area to use concealer on is the under eye area. A lot of people tend to have darkness on their undereye area. Applying concealer on this area will brighten the darkness. This will help you look more awake, regardless of how much sleep you got the night before.

You can also use concealer for a little extra coverage. When you have the correct color match, the concealer will help provide the extra coverage you need. This will help if you apply it sparingly in addition to your foundation.

Brightened, more awake looking eyes!

Next: Concealer Formulas

Beauties, like foundation, concealer comes in a few different formulas. Most concealers are either creme or liquid formulas. Both of these formulas are easy to apply and are very comfortable to wear.

There are also concealer that serve double-duty: they are makeup and have a skincare element. For example, some have serums built in, have brightening ingredients, or are considered 'treatments.' (Be wary of those that are treatments. Remember that concealer is still makeup.)

The creme concealer I carry in my kit!

How do I know which concealer is best for me?

Beauties, I know it can be a bit overwhelming to know which concealer is the best for you and your unique makeup needs. No worries, because here are two easy AF tips on how to shop for concealer:

  1. Know your skin tone and undertone

Beauties, this fact alone will help you find a great concealer! Your concealer should be a close match to your foundation, if you cannot get an exact match. You specifically want to make sure that the concealer matches your undertone best, because it will match better. If you are unsure of your undertone, I can help you!

2. Find a concealer that addresses your skin issues

Dark under eye area, dark spots on your face, etc. Make sure you know exactly what you want to cover with your concealer to make sure you meet your makeup goals!

So you've shopped around for concealers, and still can't get the best one. Let me help! Beauties, I can help you shop for the best concealer for you. I help you find the best makeup products during your Personal Makeup Shopping Experience. During your appointment, we will discuss your concealer needs and shop together! Know that you will be taken care of in the hands of a professional! Wouldn't everyone love if a makeup artist would be by their side shopping?!

Well guess what: that person can be you! I want to help you shop for the best makeup products. After you answer a few questions, I'll get to work. I'll show you my recommendations and explain why my choices would work best for you-- including concealer!

I am here to help you look your best everyday!

Later! <3 Carla


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