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Which Makeup Brushes Are Used For What?

Updated: May 3, 2021

Beauties, hello there! Another great question I am answering today! When I teach makeup classes, I find that every student asks me this question, so I thought I would give a little bit of insight behind some makeup brushes and their uses. While I know most brushes are labeled for their use, you can use some makeup brushes in multiple ways!

Now, before I get into this, understand that as a makeup artist, I often have to think quickly on my feet in a moment's notice. So some of my tips are from my experience, and other makeup artists may agree, disagree, or may have not thought of some of the tips I am discussing today. Remember that while the world of makeup does have rules, some of them can be broken!

Alright friends, let's get into it!!

The photo above is actually a decent set of brushes for your personal makeup brush collection! Each brush is helpful to create your makeup look anytime.

So let's break down each makeup brush.

Large Fluffy Makeup Brush

Often named Large Dome, Large Powder, Large Powder Dome, etc., this brush is perfect for applying powder to finish your makeup look.

I like to use a brush of this size to buff and blend complexion products. This works especially well for powder products because of its size and space between bristles. I've used this style makeup brush to apply bronzer, blush, and finishing powders. I've also used it to buff and blend foundations, and any large patches of concealers used to cover dark spots on the face.

I also use this brush when I am using airbrush foundation formula. Because of its size, this brush is perfect for me to cover each eye while I am airbrushing around it. (This is definitely a professional technique, and I don't recommend this option for personal use.)

Large Angle Makeup Brush

Beauties, this brush is so dynamic, that I love having these in my professional makeup kit! I like to use this style of brush when applying contouring products, bronzer, and blush. I've used this style makeup brush with both creme and powder formulas.

I've also used this brush to apply setting powders, buff in complexion products, and mix formulas. Because of its angled nature, this brush works best when applying product to the contours of your face.

Foundation Makeup Brush

Beauties, this makeup brush only has two uses in my professional makeup kit. I use it for its namesake (foundation), and to apply moisturizers and other skincare products during the skin preparation phase of the makeup session.

Because of its densely packed bristles, this makeup brush is perfect in applying foundation because it easily picks up any foundation formula and applies it right to the skin. I like to use sweeping motions to apply each product. It's also a fantastic brush to apply moisturizer! Of course if you decide to go this route, make sure that your brush is thoroughly cleaned before using to apply moisturizer.

Cheek Chisel Blusher Makeup Brush

Beauties, this brush is fantastic and totally lives up to its name. This medium size dome brush is perfect to apply just the right amount of blush to finish your makeup look.

I like to use this makeup brush to apply blush of any formula, bronzer, contouring products, and even sometimes to dust the face with a little setting powder. Because of its size, its easy to use for a lot of tasks when applying makeup. I've even used it to apply moisturizer and foundation! This is something I can totally teach you how to do!

Small Fluffy Eyeshadow Makeup Brush

Beauties, this brush is pretty self-explanatory. These small fluffy brushes are perfect to apply any formula of eyeshadow! They are small enough to cover most eyelid shapes easily. The bristles are dense enough to pick up the product and hold it, yet still smooth it out evenly onto your eyelids.

Of course I mainly use these bad boys for eye makeup products. I have used them to apply complexion products and to buff and blend as well. I like to use smaller makeup brushes because they give me a little more control. This is definitely an advanced technique, so if you are interested in learning this, I can totally teach you!

And that's all, folks! I hope you enjoyed learning about these makeup brushes and how I like to use them! Of course there are tons of tips and tricks to be learned all the time, but these are some great basics that are really helpful!

Lots of love and lipstick,




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