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Why Does My Makeup Change Color? Help!

Updated: May 3, 2021

Carla grabbing makeup product from palette to apply onto Jessica
PC: Caroline Gilbody

Hey beauties! I am tackling yet another popular question in today's blog! Some of you may notice that after you apply your makeup (and it looks gooooood), that it may start to change color. This may happen after five minutes, or a few hours. And then you feel really embarrassed because your makeup doesn't match your skin tone properly. Yikes!

Well my friends, this process is called oxidation, and there are a few reasons as to why this process happens.

Your skin and skincare routine reacting with the foundation formula

Beauties, your skin type and skincare routine may contribute to the problem. It's possible that you are not carrying properly for your skin and excess oil flow is mixing with the foundation and breaking away parts of the pigment. This is a pretty complex part of the problem, but it's totally possible.

My recommendation is to have a proper skin analysis with a practicing esthetician to learn your exact skin type and how to properly care for it. This will create the perfect base for your makeup!

You've had your foundation forever

Oh, beauties. If I had a nickel for every time this happened, I'd be a veeery rich lady! Beauties, after you open your foundation bottles, air can get trapped inside. If you just stop wearing your foundation after a few months, then it sits for 6 months, then you start to use it again, you will most likely see it change color after a few hours wear. This is very common.

You were mismatched

Another common problem! I am just banging the nail on the head today, friends. Most likely, you were mismatched at the store (or online), and the color you purchased may be just a touch too dark for you.

It's also possible that your undertone was mismatched. As someone with an olive undertone, I am always mismatched at beauty counters. Most makeup brands do not account for olive undertones, and we are often matched too orange or pink. So if your undertone was mismatched, you will see the difference in color almost instantly after applying your makeup, For some of you, it may take longer.

Carlla adusting eye makeup on model while hair stylist is curling model's hair.
PC: Kendal Beard

How to fix the problem

Beauties, there really isn't much you can do about the makeup products that are already oxidized. However, you can prevent it from happening in the future! First, I recommend getting your skincare routine in check. Most of the time, that is where the problem arises from. I recommend scheduling a facial with a practicing esthetician and having a full skin analysis. You will learn your exact skin type and how to care for it properly.

Next, toss out your old AF foundation. If you haven't used it within the last 6 months, it's time to toss it! Throw that old thing out and get a new one! If you need help finding your foundation match, I can help! We will explore your skin tone and undertone together during your Personal Makeup Shopping appointment! No need to worry about pushy sales people mismatching you. I will help you find the best color and undertone for you. All honesty here, no gimmicks.

Once you get your color, it's time to test it out! Swatching is great, but during the covid-19 pandemic, it's off limits. So right now, it's buy and try, my friends. But, with my help, you will have a better chance of finding the best match! And who doesn't want a makeup artist at their finger tips!

Carla adjusting eye makeup on model.
PC: Maureen Russell

Beauties, I am here to help! When you are ready to ditch that old AF foundation, I'll be right here waiting! Schedule your Personal Makeup Shopping appointment today!

Lots of love and lipstick,



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