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Why You Should Book A Bridal Makeup Trial & What To Expect

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Hi brides! Just wanted to let you in on the ins and outs of bridal trials! I can 100 percent confirm that you should book a bridal makeup trial for your special day. This blog post is about why you should book a bridal makeup trial and what to expect at your trial with Creative Contour by Carla!

Let's start with WHY you should book a makeup trial.

1. To meet your potential artist and learn about their makeup style

Brides, this one is the MOST important factor around why you should book a trial! Of course professional makeup artists are licensed and trained. However, each artist has a specific approach to their craft and adds their own touch to the bridal makeup process. Your trial is the best way to get to know the artist's approach and touch. This is so important for you because you need to know if the artist's work is compatible with the makeup style you are looking for! As a makeup artist, I CANNOT stress enough the importance of this fact! You also get to know your artist. After all, makeup application is an intimate service.

How you'll feel because you booked a trial!

2. You get to create your custom makeup look

This may sound silly at first, but really think about this one! Even when you do not know the exact look you are going for on your wedding day, you usually know what you DON'T want. Why risk this on such an important day?! At your trial, your artist will discuss looks, colors, lashes, etc. They will use a combination of their knowledge and your responses to create your special look! Who DOESN'T want a custom makeup look on their wedding day?!

3. It makes your wedding day less stressful

Who wants more stress on one of the most important days of your life? Definitely not me! Because you've had a successful trial and booked your artist, you can go into your day knowing exactly what you will look like, and not have to worry about if you've made the right decision. You simply have to wake up, eat some breakfast, hang with your crew, and relax! Your artist will arrive prepared for your day! You will know that you are going to be happy and feel as great as you look! (Not a bad investment if I do say so myself...)

You can focus on dancing with dad!

4. You will love how you look in your pictures on your wedding day

It's not something you initially think about right? You're so busy thinking about everything else, you are not even thinking about how you will look on your special day! Well think about it! Your makeup trial will give you an exact image of how amazing you will look on your wedding day! You're going to feel great and look beautiful! You will also get a feel for the products that the artist uses and how they last on your skin.

What to expect at your bridal makeup trial with CCBC:

1. Questions

When you sit in my trial chair, I like to ask questions! (Don't worry, we aren't in court lol!) I like to ask questions about your skincare routine, makeup habits, etc. I also ask questions about your wedding date: such as, season/time of year, time of day, location, dress, etc. The answers to these questions guide me to create a look that not only compliments your skin tone and facial structure, but also to tie in with your theme!!

You'll be relaxed with your honey on your big day!

2. Time

I allow up to 1 hour and 30 minutes of time for our trial. This gives us time to discuss the questions/answers, and also some time to play with different color palettes and lashes, to achieve your custom bridal makeup look! I also will take notes and some photos of your look in preparation for your big day at the end of the trial.

Another aspect of time I want to quickly mention is how much time before your wedding you should book a trial. I generally book trials around 12 months in advance of your date. While I totally understand sometimes you are planning your wedding in tight timeline, sometimes I am not available for your date! But as always, I try my best to accommodate all of my gorgeous brides!

3. Makeup Application

At your trial, we do your full bridal makeup look. This is a full of face of makeup. This is the most important aspect because you need to envision what you will look like on your day. The reason why we do a full face of makeup is so you get to understand the steps of the application process and to see how the makeup products last on your skin (as I mentioned earlier). You may even get to go home with a fun pair of false eyelashes!

All smiles!

4. Be Prepared To Book

We completed the trial and created your special look. You love it! The next step is to book CCBC for your date. I will either send you home with a contract to sign and an invoice, or send them to you in the mail! You have seven (7) days to sign and mail back your contract with your deposit to secure me for your special day! Once that is done, we are confirmed!

Fun fun fun!

5. To Have Fun!

Just because this is a step in your wedding planning process, doesn't mean it shouldn't be fun! Makeup should never be considered "work." You should not be nervous or worried! I believe that while your trial is a "test" of your wedding day makeup look, you should still enjoy the time spent! After all, your trial is the time to play with makeup! I'm excited just thinking about playing with makeup!

So my beautiful brides-to-be, I cannot express enough why you SHOULD book your wedding makeup trial today! Follow in these gorgeous ladies' footsteps, and book your trial with Creative Contour by Carla!

Contact me today to book YOUR trial! <3 Carla



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