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Why You Should Get Your Makeup Done For Your Personal Branding Session

Hey beauties! Welcome back to Creative Contour By Carla™! Today I am here to discuss why you should get your makeup done for your personal branding session! For those of you who are business owners or entrepreneurs, you've certainly heard of personal branding. If you haven't, I'll give you a quick breakdown!

Personal branding is important for your business because it shows your customers or clients the most authentic version of you, the owner of your company or brand. As business owners or entrepreneurs, we want our clients to see our most authentic selves. Especially for those of you like me, who your clients meet during their appointments! Personal branding either consists of videos or photos, where you are seen doing whatever it is that you do in your business or brand! Everyone who owns a business or considers themselves an entrepreneur should absolutely develop their personal brand, and host a personal branding session.

From the perspective of a business owner, as well as a makeup artist who works with business owners, I can tell you that showing your clients your most authentic self through photo or video is very beneficial for your company or brand. When you are authentic, you attract the right people to your brand; and we all know by now that you only want to attract the right people!

Now that we have that settled, let's get into the good stuff!

applying lipstick

So beauties, let me explain to you why you should get your makeup done for your personal branding session.

Professional Quality Cameras

Whether you have a photo or video session for your personal branding, cameras shoot from extremely high quality, professional-grade lenses. This means that those cameras pick up every little thing! And if you are anything like me, you don't want that one sneaky pimple that just happened to show up the morning of the session to show through! You want that thing covered for sure! And whatever other "imperfections" you don't like about yourself, makeup may be able to assist!

Quality of Makeup Style

So this title admittedly sounds super fancy and complicated, so let me get straight to the point. When you host your personal branding session, you want your makeup look to match the level of authenticity you have. So the quality of the makeup style has to compliment your authenticity! If you don't normally wear makeup, you'll probably do a soft, polished style. If you're a glam beauty, you'll be wearing a glamorous style.

A Confidence Boost

Beauties, I am the first woman to admit that I had to learn how to get comfortable being on camera, whether photos or video! From my own experience, I can normally tell when people feel a little uneasy about being in front of the camera. I cannot tell you how many times I've given pep talks to my clients while they are in my chair! A little laughing, and some kind words really do go that far!

Outfit and Environment Changes

If I've learned anything from working on personal branding sessions, that you will have at least one outfit change, and you will also have an environment change. Whether that be in and outside, or home and office. You want a makeup look that holds up to environmental changes as well as wardrobe changes! A true professional makeup artist will see these criteria and know exactly what look to create based on this and your personal makeup preferences. And the look will last through the entirety of your session. I like to tell clients that this isn't my first rodeo!

So beauties, that's it! I hope you found this information helpful, and if you are ready for a beautiful makeup look for your personal branding session, let's chat! Book your free phone consult!

Lots of love and lipstick,


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