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Why You Should Hire A Professional Makeup Artist For Your Branding Session

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hi beauties! Today, let's discuss all things branding: photo shoots, video shoots, and all of that good stuff. So how does makeup tie into branding? It's actually a vital part of your branding session, and you probably don't even know it! As a makeup artist, I consider makeup the foundation of your branding session, because the makeup look sets the tone for the rest of the look. Think of it like this: the makeup look dictates the entire vibe of your branding session because your customers focus on you, because you are the face of your brand!

Makeup Artistry
PC: Allie Dowd

So let's get into the importance of hiring a professional makeup artist for your branding session!

There are three important aspects as to why you should hire a professional makeup artist for your branding session:

1. Easing Your Nerves

Experienced professionals, like myself, have worked on every skin tone and type out there. We know what products work best for each person's unique needs. We also know how to keep the conversation flowing and communicate each step with you. We know that for a lot of people this may be their first time going on camera and that can be quite intimidating. By providing a professional makeup service, we can help ease your nerves. I know I have helped talent relax and take a few deeps breaths when they first sit in the chair. It's worked every time. Each customer looks relaxed and confident when they receive their finished photos or videos!

Starting the makeup experience
PC: Caroline Gilbody

2. Creating The Perfect Makeup Look

Beauties, this is what we do as a career! We know the perfect look for each individual. Don't be surprised when your hired makeup artist contacts you before your branding shoot to discuss details. I contact every single branding customer in order to get an idea of their business, personal style, color preferences, skin tone and type, etc. This information is the most important part of the shoot because the makeup sets the tone for the rest of your look. As makeup artists, we know what makeup styles suit each person, and deliver it.

In action during a branding session
PC: Kayla Teves Photography

3. Expect A Heavier Makeup Application

No need to be scared of this one, beauties! Remember that as professionals, we know how to manipulate each product to look fantastic on you. Because you will be under heavy lighting, we need to make sure the makeup look is applied a little heavier than an everyday makeup look. The only reason that this is necessary is that the makeup needs to show up under such heavy lighting. When you see the results of your branding session, the makeup won't look heavy because the lighting and camera lenses soften your makeup look.

Professional head shot makeup look
PC: Kayla Teves Photography

As if you needed more convincing, I bring you: branding professionals! I work regularly with these folks on all branding sessions, so they know my style of makeup well. They are here to help you understand the importance of why you should hire a professional makeup artist for your branding session.

Let's first bring in Jaclyn Zukerman Delory, CEO and Founder of NextOn Scene Media. Jackie says: "Makeup is a key component for branding shoots, because when you look and feel your best, you attract the best clients and customers!" Jackie is right with this one! As a marketing and PR specialist, and social media expert, she understands that you need to show up in your brand! Customers need to see you, and you need to look the same in-person and in your branding!

Jackie's Branding Session
Jackie's Branding Session! PC: Kayla Teves Photography

She goes on to say: "Carla knows how to make you look and feel your best with her makeup skill set. Your result is a makeup look that is professional and you feeling confident. That means that some folks will have a look that is a little bit glam, and others will have a more natural style. Carla knows exactly what to do, so each person leaves her chair feeling their most confident and ready for their session!"

Thank you, Jackie, for such kind words! It really rings true, beauties. I make sure to communicate with you before and during your branding session in order to make sure we create the perfect makeup look!

You can see in Jackie's branding session (featured in the photo above) that she is confident and comfortable with her makeup look. I made sure to include her makeup preferences as part of the look, while still maintaining a polished result.

Next up: Branding Photographer! This photographer specializes in branding photo shoots.

Introducing: Sue Bruce, Owner of Sue Bruce Photography, LLC. Sue knows the importance of makeup for branding sessions: "Makeup for camera is different than makeup for day or nighttime. This style of makeup doesn't necessarily focus on glamour. A makeup artist anticipates that to create a polished version of the style and color palette that the customer desires. Essentially, creating a polished version of themselves. Heavy lighting is part of the branding session photo shoot, so the makeup artist anticipates such lighting when they create the makeup look. Makeup is an important part of the finished product."

Take a look at a couple of branding sessions Sue and myself worked on, below. Each woman is confident and comfortable on camera. They aren't feeling overly made up. If you think about it, you feel confident just looking at them! I know I do!

And remember beauties, the same applies for video shoots! You normally film the video in a studio under heavy lighting. However, depending on the time of year and your profession, you may also film outside! This is something that we as professionals are aware of and think about while creating your makeup look. We want you to be happy and confident, and feel that way. Understand that your makeup will look great in any lighting because your professional makeup artist (hey there, it's me) will use the proper products and techniques in order to ensure great, long-lasting makeup!

So beauties, that's it! If you are ready to book your branding shoot, whether it be photo or video, you can reach out to any of these fantastic folks who participated in this blog post! You know I already have you covered for makeup!

If you have questions about your branding makeup service, let's chat! Book your complimentary phone consultation now!

Later! <3 Carla



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