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Fun 2020 Makeup Trends To Try This Spring!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hey hey hey beauties! Happy #makeupmonday! I am SO excited to talk about Spring 2020 makeup trends with you! 2020 is truly the year of expressive makeup! Try out these fun spring 2020 makeup trends!

Glitter Eyes

Oh my gosh, beauties! Let's start off bold and sparkly! Glitter Eyes is such a fun trend! My inspiration was Bella Hadid's makeup look from the spring 2020 Fendi Show.

Glitter Eyes!
Glitter Eyes!

I used a mix of 3 different colors of glitter to create this look: silver, light pink, and a dust of eggplant! The largest portion in the mix was the light pink.

Glitter eyes!
Express yourselves with this one, beauties!

But beauties, here's some advice: let the glitter be the focus! Keep the rest of your look soft and and fresh to really focus on all that sparkles! Freely apply your favorite glitter on top and bottom eyelids. I took the 'glitter tears' on Bella Hadid, and amped it up by applying glitter all over Donna's mobile eyelid! I finished the look by applying black eyeliner on the inside of Donna's waterline and added a little mascara on her lashes.

Red Lips

Oooh ooh ooh beauties! Red lips are such a classic element in makeup! Red lips have been in style since the 1940's. They are finally in style again! It's very easy to find your classic red! Stick to a satin lipstick to stay on trend. Satin lipstick has a demi-matte finish, but is comfortable to wear like a creme.

red lip liner
Start with a matte red lip liner

Start with a matte red lip liner. Next apply your favorite red satin lipstick! Make sure you keep everything else in your look soft and natural-- the lips are the focus here!

red lipstick
Donna's finished look! She is rocking that cherry red!

Natural Lashes

You read this one right, beauties! Big lashes are out the door, and natural lashes are back in style! Give your beautiful wispies a curl and a quick swipe of mascara and rock it! And of course, if you still want to use false lashes, stick to the most natural pair you can find! (I always recommend falsies for your wedding day!)

boston makeu[ artist
Close up of how to rock natural lashes!

Trish rocking her natural lashes! Look how pretty!

Glassy Skin

Yes! Okay beauties, so this one may be a tough one to grasp at first if you aren't a makeup artist. But of course, that's why you have me! As a makeup artist, glassy skin is one of those styles that I have secret tips and trick on, of course!

Glassy skin!

So here are some tips on how to achieve this look:

1. Maintain great skin. Glassy skin starts with a glow from within! By now you already know my secret skincare routine, and tips to keep your skin glowing outside of your routine! (If you don't, click HERE.)

2. Remember that light plays a huge part. If you want to get the real effect of glassy skin, the look is best worn during the day! Take advantage of the longer days and sunlight (finally)! You can wear this look for a night out, but remember to use the flash when you take selfies, and of course: angles, angles, angles!

3. Tread lightly. There's a difference between glassy skin and greasy skin. After you've applied for foundation, it's time get glassy skin! You can use items you already have in your makeup bag, such as: Vaseline or clear lip gloss! I used Danessa Myricks Dew Wet Balm in 'Clear.' Use your fingers to dab on your preferred product to get the glass look. Stop every so often and take a look at your whole face to see how glassy the product finishes.

4. Angles, beauties! Don't be afraid to tilt your face in any angle to see how the light catches your gorgeous glassy skin! A few places I like to enhance: cheek bones, bridge of the nose, and lips.

glassy skin makeup
Here is an example of how you can angle your face!

Just remember: there are no formal rules for this look. The goal is to have a beautiful, glassy finish to the skin, without looking greasy. Classy and glassy!

glassy skin makeup look

And of course, beauties, when you try these trends, be sure to tag me on Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest: @creativecontourbycarla! I can't wait to see what you create!

**A special thank you to my models Donna & Trish!**

Later! <3 Carla



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