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The Benefits Of An Individual Makeup Lesson With Boston Makeup Artist Creative Contour By Carla

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hey beauties! I have been dying to talk all about makeup lessons with you! I know that there are certain times where you won't be able to sit my my makeup chair. Maybe you want to create a beautiful makeup look you can wear daily to work, or when you are on vacation. That's where individual makeup lessons help! That's right, I teach individual makeup lessons!

applying makeup
Getting the look just right!

So let's get into it!

Makeup lesson
Lesson in action!

Why should you have a makeup lesson?

Great question! Having a makeup lesson from a professional is extremely beneficial. We understand how to apply makeup to fit your facial features and bone structure. I use a hands-on teaching approach, so you will learn and remember each technique easily! This way, you'll look your best every day, whether it's for work, or even a vacation! (I got you for all of your special events!)

Get that eyeliner just right!

Beauties, applying makeup on yourself doesn't have to be scary or intimidating! This is why I am here. I want you to use your makeup products to look great every time! Speaking of products, make sure to bring yours for your lesson! We will work with your makeup collection in order to get the best results from your lesson. This is the best option as these are the products you will use daily.

Another important point: your makeup lesson is really a time to learn. We will work together at a pace your are comfortable with. It's important to me that you reap the full benefit of our lesson, so feel free to communicate the easiest pace to learn at. And one more thing: your lesson is the perfect time to ask questions! I recommend bringing your list of questions, or emailing them to me in advance so I can answer them during the lesson.

So here's how in-person makeup lessons work: we will sit down together for 90 minutes. During the first few minutes, we will go through your makeup bag and I will discuss each product. Then we will jump right in and learn how to use each one! After your lesson, I will email a summary and some tips and tricks we discussed. You have access to this document forever!

But wait, there's more!

Beauties, I am also offering virtual makeup lessons! That's right, you can learn how to apply beautiful makeup looks from the comfort of your own home! So grab a snack and your favorite drink and learn in your pjs! It doesn't get better than that!

During your virtual makeup lesson, you will learn everything that you would in-person. I understand that some folks aren't comfortable being so close to one another during the pandemic, so this is a great option to stay safe and look beautiful!

Here's how the virtual makeup lessons work: we will conference via video chat for 60 minutes. I will record our lesson and send to you with a summary afterwards. You will have access to these documents as long as you need! The routine is the same as in-person.

Beauties, I'll always be here for you. I love being a part of your special days and professional shoots, but I also understand that looking great everyday is a high point on your list. Makeup lessons are the best way to guarantee you'll look your absolute best everyday! A one-hour lesson will result in lifetime of great makeup!

I always have your back!

Later! <3 Carla

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