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Updated Makeup Sanitation Practices!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hi beauties! As you know by now, I am very strict with sanitation concerning my job as a makeup artist. I've always valued my sanitation practices and stuck to them. It's the best thing I can possibly do for you! I never want you to be concerned that something is not clean or sanitary while you sit in my chair.

Makeup application in action!
PC: Christian Napolitano Photography

With that being said, today's post is an update from my last blog about sanitation (you can click here to read it). Some of this information may be repetitive, but it's extremely important that you all understand that I try my hardest to follow strict CDC guidelines on cleanliness and sanitation. And of course, if you follow my IGTV channel, you have seen that I am being open and upfront with my following about my sanitation and cleanliness. So let's get right into it!


I follow a strict three-step (3) process for cleaning my brushes. First, I use a brush cleaner to remove all makeup residue from the brushes. Second, I use a strong brush shampoo and water warm to wash the brushes. I squeeze out excess water and set them to dry. Once dried, I sanitize the entire brush from hair to handle with 70% rubbing alcohol and let them air dry. I do this for every single makeup application.

makeup brushes
All of my brushes!

So how do I handle brushes when I have multiple clients in one day? I separate brushes into individual sets. Each set normally has at least 5 brushes so I can complete a full face of makeup for each person. This is the most sanitary way to prevent bacteria from transferring from person-to-person.

makeup brushes
Brush bundles!

I bring an extra bag and simply toss each set of brushes into the bag and seal it closed when I am done. With this method, I do not reuse any brushes and the next time I touch them is when they will be cleaned!

Makeup Products

This part can get long and involved, but I will try my best to keep things simple. Beauties, understand that a professional makeup artist like myself will never, ever double dip into the products in their professional makeup kit. The best sanitary practice is to use a clean spatula to scrape out the product onto a reusable sanitized palette, or a sanitized disposable palette. In general, I carry makeup products in three (3) formulas: powder, cream, and liquid.

makeup products
These are some examples of my makeup products!


As mentioned above, I do not double dip into any makeup products, including powders. I scrape out a little bit of powder onto my sanitized stainless steel hand palette. Then, it is acceptable to double dip into the product because it is best way to insure no bacteria transfer. Of course, once I am done with each person, I sanitize powder products. The best way is to spray the entire product with 2-3 spritzes of 70% rubbing alcohol.

powder eyeshadows
Powder eyeshadows


Once again, I scrape out or squeeze out cream products onto my sanitized. stainless steel hand palette. Once I have the amount of cream product I need, I use a makeup sanitizing spray or 70% alcohol to spritz the product clean and immediately put the lid back on to ensure it doesn't dry up. 1-2 spritzes are enough for each cream product. I also handle any products with a similar consistency to cream, such as gels, with this same method.

Cream makeup products


Because liquids are normally in a tube, I either squeeze or pump out the product onto my palette. Then I quickly wipe off the nozzle with a clean paper towel spritzed with 70% rubbing alcohol. This is the easiest way to handle any liquid products.

makeup products
Liquid makeup products

Disposable Tools

I wanted to quickly mention these items. I use disposable tools quite often (referred to as disposables). I use them mainly for mascara and lipstick, but also have cotton swabs and other items for one-time use. I have these items because they are necessary for preventing bacteria transfer between people.

disposable tools
Disposable tools


I bet you never thought I would mention myself in this article! I keep myself through strict personal hygiene. However, on-site is a little bit different. Of course I wash my hands thoroughly, but I also use 70% rubbing alcohol to sanitize my hands whenever I take my hands off of you. This is extremely necessary and safe.

makeup application in action!
PC: Gregory Hitchcock Photography

I also take certain measures in bacteria prevention for those of you who have certain conditions that cause you to get sick easily. I know it can be worrisome when you folks are in the middle of the group after seemingly healthy people. Of course it is difficult because they are breathing on me and we all may be unaware of what anyone could be carrying. Well I have been considerate of this factor from the start. I make sure to carry gloves and sanitary masks to make sure to prevent as much transfer for this as possible. I know that this is the best way to prevent transfer.

I also wanted to mention that if you do have one of these conditions where you get sick easily, please privately relay this information to me before I arrive on-site. This information is kept completely private and I will make sure to prioritize you by taking you at the very beginning or end of the group.

sanitary face masks
Here are my masks!

I carry a reusable cloth mask that I wash after each job, as well as disposable paper masks. I also carry nitrile gloves: this is a safer option to prevent issues with latex allergies as well.

gloves and masks
Nitrile gloves and paper masks

Cleaning Products

These products pertain specifically to 70% alcohol, sanitizing spray, and sanitizing wipes. I use 70% alcohol to sanitize most of my tools (my hands included), and carry it in my kit. I use sanitizing spray to clean my chair in between each job. I use sanitizing wipes to clean all of my products, the inside, and the outside of my makeup kit.

cleaning products
Cleaning products I use in my kit

So beauties, that's it! I always try my hardest to ensure that I am maintaining a professional level of cleanliness and sanitation. This is all for you! I want to make sure you never have to worry about bacteria transfer or even getting sick from your makeup application. And of course as time goes on, I will make sure to update and apply any new sanitation practices! You know I'll make sure to tell you about it, too.

If you have any questions, go ahead and ask, I'm always here for you! I am happy to discuss my sanitary practices in depth with you. Simply book your FREE 15-minute phone consultation today!

<3 Carla



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