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Why You Should #ShopSmall This Holiday Season!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hey beauties! It's officially the holiday season! I know we can agree when I say that it feels like 2020 has been happening forever! I for one am really excited for the holiday season, as this is one of my favorite times of year (after summer time of course)!

Because of the Covid19 pandemic, things are quite difficult. I try my best to be understanding of the severity of this situation. So let me start this article by mentioning that if you are financially able to shop this holiday season, please #shopsmall!

Small businesses are truly struggling because of the pandemic, and many have permanently closed; ultimately changing the lives of their owners, their families, and their employees and their families. This is a domino-effect in any industry. The best way to help save the remaining small businesses is with your wallet.

Beauties, when you shop with a small business, your dollar travels far. We use the funds from purchases to make our products or services the absolute best they can be. These businesses are our livelihood. They do pay our bills, too. (Yup, we pay rent just like you!) When you shop at a local small business, you are also helping to boost the local economy. You are saving employee's job, and helping the business remain in your neighborhood. Your role is vital to our existence!

Here are some options you are given when shopping small:

Gift Cards

The easiest gift for anyone. If you are shopping in Massachusetts, gift cards and certificates don't expire unless they are inactive for at least 7 years. That is a lot of time to redeem your gift card. You can either put it towards a future product or service, or purchase a gift card worth an entire product or service to use later.

I personally allow gift cards to be used towards any of my makeup services.

Purchasing a Product or Booking a Service

Beauties, This option in particular is vital for service-based businesses like mine! When you book a service, you can opt to pay for the service at booking. In my booking system, you will see that you have to enter a credit card to hold your appointment. In the Appointment notes section, you can request me to charge your card at time of booking.

By the way: you can book a service for yourself, or for someone else as a gift! Either option is extremely beneficial. Of course, I am more than grateful for each and every one of you who hires me!


Maybe you don't need our services or products, but someone you know does! Please send our names along to your loved ones. We are happy to help!

I cannot tell you how many times people who have never hired me refer me! It's very common. There is always someone who needs to either have their makeup done, or wants to take a makeup class!

I am happy to help in any way possible! I am grateful for your referrals, beauties!

Beauties, small businesses are vital to our local economies. I'm sure you all have a favorite small business in your neighborhood that you love and want to support! When it comes to makeup: I have your back!

I also offer virtual services! You can opt for makeup lessons and personal shopping: both for yourself, or your favorite makeup lover! I want to help you look great, and find the best makeup products, both for yourself, and for others!

If you have any questions on how I can help you #shopsmall this holiday season, please send me an email: I want to help you!

<3 Carla


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